Saturday, March 31, 2012

On Saturday I knew something was wrong as I watched Sam, my friend's dog walk slowly toward the car.  Sam always pulls toward me when he sees me and snuggles in for pats.  That day he didn't.  On my  11 PM dog walk Susan told me that Sam died two hours after they arrived at the vet.  It's unbelievable as to how fast health changes.  Last month he got a clean bill of health.  This month, he died.

Sometimes serendipity comes into play.  They needed time to grieve and yet the house seemed empty without a cold nose snuggling.  Sooooo, Petfinder called.  Long story short - they found an 8-week old puppy that was rescued from a "kill shelter".  He's a Golden mix and has no name yet.  The family is now complete.

Let's wish them luck and happiness.


  1. Sorry about Sam, but welcome to the new little puppy. Look forward to pictures.

  2. G'evening Lynda!
    ... I was immediately intrigued when Carol mentioned your blog. I, too, am absolutely besotted with my own furbaby.
    So looking forward to reading more of yours and BJ's adventures!

    Myra (aka Mevely317)

  3. So glad to hear that your friends found a new pet! I'm coming by from Buttercups blog to welcome you to bloggerville. Hope you enjoy blogging as much as we do!