Sunday, May 13, 2012

I was reading an article in the recent issue of Dog Fancy ( I love that magazine.) about motion sickness.  It brought me back to when BJ was a puppy.  He would get car sick no matter how long or short the trip.  He had all of the symptoms - drooling, panting, throwing up.  Nothing I gave him helped - I didn't feed him a lot, I gave him Flower Bach, I gave him ginger cookies - he loved the cookies they just didn't help.

Something out of the blue helped.  My study group was spending a weekend upstate and BJ was invited.  BJ was sitting in the back between two friends and it within the hour, BJ threw up.  Unfortunately partly on friend.  He drooled and panted the rest of the 1-hour drive and bounded out of the car as soon as the door was opened.

The rest of the weekend he had a fantastic time running around her property and having 12 people to dote on him.  The trip up was the last time he drooled, panted, or threw up in a car ride.  First, he may have been put out of a car and left on the street before going to a shelter.  Second, I think he had such a good time that he thought being in a car is not so bad.

Isn't it great that we project just what we think on our dogs.


  1. Glad BJ has come to like the car and car trips. Hope you had a great day!

  2. So funny that it was his association between the car and fun that finally worked. I went through the same thing when I fostered Jasper and his sister. They both would drool and throw up on the way to the dog park. (Having grown up with very little exposure to the world. Seeing big trucks drive up next to us would freak them out.)

    It was their association between fun (the dog park) and the car that finally worked with them too. Now I can't get Jasper to start barking about a mile before we even get to the dog park. I guess it's better than throwing up in the car. :)