Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I was thinking about my last post and BJ's behavior.  Thought I would add additional info.

BJ is 12; I adopted him when he was about 7 months.  I had a 15-year old cat when he arrived and although they didn't fight they were never buddies.  A bit of jealousy prevailed.  BJ's eating any food in his dish before he would go out could have also been because he was afraid that Max would eat his food. He made sure that he knew where Max was before he would go out. When we came back, BJ would look for him. A short "conversation" ensued.  Interestingly, when Max died, BJ would go around the apartment looking for him.

Over the years BJ has gotten picky and spoiled.  When we come back from the park, he stands at his water bowl and waits until I give him fresh water before he drinks.  Is that considered spoiled?


  1. Goodness, but I can see similarities between our fur-babies. I'm soooo bad about making a ritual over "fresh water time"!
    'Tho Caraleigh came from an "accidental encounter" between the owner's poodle and maltese ... she, too, has certain meal-time issues, and becomes visibly anxious if her food supply gets low.
    Ah, I'm probably trying to "humanize" her ... but what the heck. Nice to know there's others like you who adore our pups :)

  2. Ya know, it is what it is. :-)