Sunday, May 6, 2012

My food.
We always think that elephants are the ones that never forget.  If that's the case then BJ must be part elephant.  BJ is a shelter dog.  A Good Samaritan found him on the streets of New York City and brought him to the Humane Society.  No one knows whether he escaped or was put out.  The experience was indelible.  A week later after he was evaluated, I came along and took this high energy mixed terrier to his forever home.  That's the back story.

I don't think he ever forgot that he was no longer in his home, was out on the street, and was hungry and thirsty.  He'll never refuse the opportunity to go out; his tail wags, and he comes right over to have his collar put on.  The not forgetting part comes just before I open the door.  He won't leave until he checks his food dish and eats what ever he left over from the prior meal.  Then he takes lots of laps of water.  Only then does he go out the door.

When BJ does that I get a little sad because I think that he remembers when he was on the streets, hungry. and had to scrounge hungry.  He's afraid of that and to be sure is has has eaten and had water.  


  1. Poor BJ. Certainly not the memory you want any dog to have.

    Hopefully he'll someday realize that there will always be plenty of food and water (and love) for him every day.

  2. Hi! I heard about you from Pamela.

    Both my dogs were rescued by me. DeDe had been hanging out at the city dump for almost 2 months when I brought her in. She was spayed, housebroken, and the happiest dog in the whole world... and the most submissive.

    She doesn't scarf the food down before we go outside because she scarfs it down as soon as it's served, and will then start on Rumpy's if she has a chance.

    Is that a result of her many health problems or a learned behavior from being out on the streets? I don't know, but it reminds me of where she came from and that she was one of the lucky ones.

  3. Hi! Pamela sent me over to say hello. We also found our Buster as a stray and for a while he'd inhale his food at every meal ... to the point he'd make himself sick. I thought I was going to have to get one of those special bowls they make to slow dogs down when they're eating, but just before I ordered it he got a little better. Things started improving steadily and four years later he'll actually walk away from his food bowl if he hears something interesting going on in another room. It's amazing to me that BJ has remembered his experience for so long ... perhaps he was on the street longer than Buster was and so it made more of an impression. I'm just glad he has a happy home now!

    1. Thanks for stopping by.

      I'm glad to hear that Buster has gotten over being a vacuum. He must feel very secure.
      A dog's behavior is interesting.