Sunday, June 10, 2012 just reported on animal welfare and rescue with statistics on money spent on animals.  It's astounding.

Many pet food companies donate to shelters across the country.  One way you can help -

Halo pet food posts a daily trivia question about dogs and one about cats.  All you need to do is click on each category and answer the question.  It's multiple choice and doesn't matter if you're right or wrong.  The company donates 10 pieces of kibble to shelters for each click.

Halo has donated almost 8 million meals.  If you want,  Halo will send a daily e-mail with links to the question.  Truly, it takes less than a minute to open the e-mail, click on the link and choose an answer, and Halo will donate 10 pieces of kibble.

It's fun and I've learned a lot from the questions.

Thanks Ellen Degeneres for being so generous.

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  1. They've been doing a pretty good job getting the word out. I'm starting to see the freekibble banner all over the place.