Friday, July 6, 2012

BJ wants everyone to know that Charlie, a New Jersey Sheltie proved what we have all been saying about fireworks.  During the July 4th fireworks, Charlie was outside and got frightened.  He ran away and today he was found by a motorist on the George Washington Bridge dodging rush hour traffic.  A motorist called the police.  The officer who arrived had a collar and leash in his trunk and was able to get the collar on Charlie.  Charlie was scared but okay.

Charlie's story has a happy ending.  It could have been fatal.  On the news report the owner seemed cavalier about his dog getting out of the house.

It's frustrating that people don't get it.  The media reminds people to keep their pets inside during fireworks.  Before July 4, 2013, what else can we do to make people protect their dogs?

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  1. I'm amazed that BJ survived the GWB. He was so very lucky.

    Hopefully, at least his people have learned a lesson about securing their dog on Independence Day.