Wednesday, November 14, 2012

It's BJ.  If I knew that a slight change in what I do and how I did it would lead Lynda taking me to the vet I would have been more careful.  I'm almost 13, so yes I am slowing down a little and I sleep a little more.  Apparently that was what caused this unwanted visit.  It was that when Lynda touched me on certain spots, like my thigh, it was sensitive and I snapped at her.  I almost bit her.  Then sometimes I was afraid to jump up on my window perch and missed the bed when I jumped for it.  So, we went to the vet.  I tried to dig my paws in and refuse to walk down his block.  It didn't work.

I mushed the pillow to make it comfortable.
Dr. Cotter looked at me, gave me regular, probed me, shined a light in my eyes which I did not like,  and gave me shot.  I whined and made noises and stood up and hugged mommy.  Finally, it was over and mom took me off the table.  The verdict:  I'm a perfect weight, my joints may be inflamed, and my back may hurt.  The terrible thing is I can't tell mom what hurts; I just react when she touches me where it hurts.

I got a great treat when we got home, and I get my pill in my food so I don't have to swallow it.  I hope the pills work.  I can't tell yet.


  1. Caraleigh and I are sending you hugs!

  2. I hope you feeling better ! hugs from my 9 furr all the way from warm weather in Phnom penh cambodia.

  3. Thank you for your hugs. They are always welcome. It took a few weeks and I'm finally well from my cold and cough.

    How exciting to hear from such a far away place.