Thursday, November 8, 2012

Well, we made it through Hurricane Sandy and the nor'easter.  Luckily we weren't affected by either.    We didn't get much rain during the hurricane and Lynda took me out when it wasn't raining.  It was very windy and my block is a wind tunnel, need I say more.  I'm sure I looked very funny trying to walk forward with the wind pushing me back.  I'm only 20 lbs. and the winds were 30-40 miles p/h.  Once we turned the corner I was fine.

I love my pillow.
I actually prefer being in the house curled up on my club chair or snuggling against Lynda.  Last night it was sleeting, windy, and cold.  i was not happy.  She pulled me through the door and over to the fire hydrant.  I did what I did and then pulled to go back.  I lost that fight and we went to the corner.  Then I pulled to go back home.  It wasn't worth the cookie i got when we came in.


  1. BJ, I don't blame you at all ... there's very little worth being blown and rained on, is there?

    Lynda, I recently read where dogs aren't so afraid of going out in the rain because they'll get wet, but because the rain amplifies sound and hurts their sensitive ears. I wonder ....?

    So glad Super-storm Sandy didn't affect you two!

  2. That makes perfect sense. He only reacts that way when it's raining really hard. And, he doesn't mind going out when it snows.

    Thank you very much. After 12 years, I understand his fear.