Friday, December 7, 2012


It's BJ.  I'm feeling a little better.  Lynda has been carrying me sometimes.   The best part of my healing process is snuggling on mom's lap with a heating pad on my right shoulder.  The warmth feels very good and makes my muscles feel better.  I can't take longs walks because I still limp.  So I go out to the fire hydrant in front of the house and then we go for short walk.  The worst thing is that we can't go to the park and run around because the vet said I shouldn't.

The other thing that's bad is that people look at me with a look that is like pity.  They shouldn't do that.  I'm a little pup (really a dog) and I'm doing my best to get around.  Soon I'll be running around again and then people won't look at like that.

Time to take a walk.  It's raining and mom still takes me out even though she knows I hate the rain.  Oh, well.


  1. Hey BJ, Jet here. Hi Miss Lydia.

    We're visiting because of the pawesome holiday gift wrapped in a blogpost from our pal, Gizmo at Terrier Torrent.

    We loved how they crafted the unfolding of your story. We're sorry to read you shoulder hurts. We wish you a speedy recovery.

    We also wish you a Happy Hannukah. We're participating in our first ever Channukah Blog Crawl... (so is Gizmo)... perhaps you can check it out.

  2. So glad to hear you're feeling better, BJ!
    Thanks for the head's-up about "pitying" glances.... I never considered that; and now, won't forget!