Monday, December 24, 2012

Hey, it's Christmas Eve.  For all who celebrate, Merry Christmas, may the next year be a good one.  If you've ben good this past year, then I'm sure that Santa will be good to you.  If not, then you're on your own.

I'll be you will be up early and down to the tree to sniff out your presents.   Have fun.


  1. Hiya BJ Hope the rain stopped and you can have a nice walk outside today Happy Holidays from Gizmo & Beth

    1. Thanks for asking Gizmo, That is very nice that you remember what I think of rain. It rained a little last night, sooooo, to the hydrant and back. It takes Lynda longer to put my coat on and get herself ready to go out than it takes me to go to the hydrant and back. :)
      It's not raining today and we took a long walk.

      Best of all, mom is taking me with her today and that means home cooking and I get turkey.

      Hope your day is good and you got lots of presents and cookies.

  2. Hey BJ, Jet here. Hi Miss Lynda.

    Hope your Christmas morning was filled with fun and prezzies! We've already had our holiday, so, we're going to deliver Christmas cheer to our friends later. :) Hope you have clear skies for easy emptying the tank and all that. May your next year be filled with all things positive.