Saturday, December 15, 2012

It';s BJ -
Two great things happened today.  It'a not raining and it's laundry day.  The first is self explanatory.  I'll explain about laundry day.

Laundry Day
i like warm things and one of my most favorite things is to jump up on the bed (that's where mom sorts and folds) and snuggle in the clothes when they come out of the dryer.  It's comfy. Well today I had a dilemma.  We went for a walk and then went to the laundry room to pick up the clothes.  Whenever we come in from a walk, I get a cookie (dates back to house training).  We came in and Lynda took the clothes from the wagon and dumped them on the bed.  Ordinarily I would jump on the laundry.

You may not think that causes a dilemma.  I do.  Should I run into the kitchen to get my cookie OR do I run into the bedroom and snuggle in the warm clothes?  I had to take a step back and decide which I wanted more.

Which do you think I choose?
If you choose cookie then you were right.

My thinking was this:  the clothes will stay warm for a few minutes, but Lynda may forget to give me my cookie if I opt for the laundry.  My way I'm assured of my cookie AND I get to snuggle in the warm laundry.  What a life.

How's that for an afternoon's thinking!


  1. We're totally impressed with the inductive reasoning process that went on here.

    1. I could see this thought process going on. We came in and he started for the kitchen, then he saw me putting the laundry on the bed and went to the bedroom, stood there looked at the bed and then turned and walked to the kitchen. He got his cookie and then ran into the bedroom and jumped on the bed. His facial expression also changed.

      He's definitely food oriented.

  2. Oh fur sure you did some serious thinking today BJ...and of course you made the right choice...always go fur the cookie first...warm clothes is nice but they don't trump cookies *snoogles*

  3. I'm definitely food oriented.

    Gizmo, we know that we do amazing things. It's just that we consistently have to prove this to the humans. Sometimes their slow.