Tuesday, December 25, 2012

It's BJ.
I had a very good day.  We had no traffic on the way to Trumbell, CT and I slept soundly.  As always as soon as we exited the parkway, I picked my head up because I knew we were almost there.  It was exciting to see everyone and go around saying hello.  I didn't get any presents because I got mine at Hanukkah.

I got fresh turkey for dinner.  Yum.  Mom gave me a little at a time because she knew I would gobble it up.  And, I did.  After I had my fill, I curled up under a chair and went to sleep.  Mom looked at me when I stood up and said I had turkey tummy.  Her nephew agreed.  Boy talk about a kill joy.  i didn't  have dessert because I was too self-conscience.

Anyway, there was no traffic on the way home so once again I slept until we got off the FDR.  I picked up head because we were almost home.  I love going places but I love my home more.

I hope you all had a wonderful day and you're all safe and sound at home.


  1. A car ride & a pawty & good noms & a nap & another car ride...You had da perfect day BJ! *snoogles*

    1. Yup. And soon my turkey tummy will disappear.

      How was your day snoogles, did you get turkey?