Tuesday, January 22, 2013


It's BJ.  This morning a scary thing happened.   My leash slipped off Mom's arm and she didn't notice at first.  She said she started to panic and ran up and down the street we just came from.  I would have been hard to miss.  I was wearing my bright red FidoFleece, my collar with all my tags and phone number, and my leash. 

She ran home because she thought I might have gone there (I know the way.)  By this time Mom was crying, her stomach was upset, and wasn't thinking clearly, so she ran back to retrace our steps.  No luck, so she ran back home and Gary, our doorman, asked if he spoke to the other doorman on the blocks.  Nope, she was so upset she didn't think of it.  Instead she went back to our apartment to get her cell phone and sure enough one of the doorman on the other block called.  

When she came to get me she was crying and very grateful.  Someone saw me and brought me to the nearest building; that's why she didn't see me on the street.  I was inside.   I think I was in a bit of shock because I could't find mommy and thought the worst.  I had been abandoned on the streets when I was a puppy.  I was a very happy pup when I saw her and got picked up and hugged.

We went home for breakfast.  
Lessons learned: 
1.  ALWAYS hold onto the leash with your and and not on your arm.  
2. ALWAYS carry your cell phone.  It would have saved a lot of running.


  1. Oh poor BJ, poor both must have been terrified...good for you BJ that you didn't run away and good for Mom for acting quuickly...hard lessons learned today

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  2. I also have to be thankful that someone took me to a safe place so I could get back to Mommy.

  3. So glad this story has a happy ending!

    1. Me too. I can't imagine what I would have done if he wasn't found.

  4. What a scary story. I got that horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach just like you did.

    I'm so glad people in your neighborhood were looking out for BJ.

    Years ago, my husband accidentally let our dog Shadow out. He spent 45 minutes running in a panic around the neighborhood looking for her.

    In the meantime, I was waiting for him to pick me up and wondering what happened to him. When he found Shadow and came to pick me up, he said that if he hadn't been able to find her he would have just hopped on a plane because he could never have faced me.

    I bet you and BJ took some extra special cuddle time when you were reunited.

  5. Your story is scary as well and I'm happy both turned out with happy endings.
    I can just see your husband standing in front of you saying what he said.

    BJ was very cuddly last night. I kept hugging him all night.

  6. AH. BLESS... well, all's well that ends well and that is important...
    I do have a lead, but never let my peeps out of sight even on the beach.. but not sure that is so easy in a street full of people. WELL DONE TO BE BACK Home safe and sound.. sigh.. hum.. can I hug you too. Lots of luvs Freya Rose Blossom catflapcavalier and the cat !

    1. It's BJ. I was probably sniffing when my leash slipped and I didn't follow her. Mom said it was her fault and she will always hold the leash and not slip it around her wrist.