Wednesday, January 2, 2013

It's BJ.  The ball dropped in Times Square and with it came 2013.  Two good things, it didn't shatter and it stays up all year.  Mom wouldn't take me to Times Square.  It's not fair, she's been there before so  why can't I go.  The fact that there are a million plus people and there's no room to walk and everyone is a lot taller and they wouldn't see me, is no excuse.  Humph.

On the bright side, Mom and I both have birthdays this month.  Mom gave me January 22nd.  I'm going to be 13!.  I should have a Bar Mitzvah and have been practicing barking in Hebrew.  I don't think there's a difference, but if it makes her happy, so what.  In case you're not sure what a Bar Mitzvah is - when a boy reaches the age of 13 he is welcomed in as an adult in the Jewish community.  Girls have them too, that's called a Bat (pronounced bot) Mitzvah.

Mom's birthday is on the 18th.  I put down her age but she deleted it.  Humph.  She's having an aleyah in synagogue.  It's a blessing at the Torah.  It's a very nice honor and she's happy about it.  Once again I can't go.  The rabbis won't let me in.  It's not fair.  I'll be a good dog and won'r jump up and down and bark to show how happy I am.

One thing I do get to do is to say Happy New Year.  I wish you a healthy year and that we're all here next year reading and writing the blogs.  Also, I wish for lots of cookies for everyone.


  1. What an exciting month ahead of you, BJ!
    It's Caraleigh again.... wondering if you can't ask your mom for a private Bar Mitzvah for your birthday? (Don't go telling anyone, but I had a baptism when I was brand-new ... almost 13 years ago, too!)
    Mom's interested in your faith, but doesn't know what a aleyah is... guess that's why they invented Google? If that makes her happy, I'll bet you're glad, too!
    Have a great new week!

  2. I'm hoping 2013 has been good to you so far. Even if the rabbis aren't always welcoming.