Sunday, January 27, 2013

One of My Beefs - 

NYC is a dangerous place for us to walk.  Too many drivers do not obey the laws.  This Sunday morning Mom and I drove from 63rd to 80th streets and it was scary looking out of the window.  
I watched one car driving in the bike lane.  At least one driver making a right turn from the left hand lane almost causing an accident and hitting a pedestrian because he didn't see her.  

The crosswalks were narrow and too many drivers drove into them.  So NYC DOT painted a WIDE white line a few feet back from the original.  To no avail (VBP).  My observation (VBP) showed that only one taxi driver obeyed that one.  Most don't even obey the old line.  Bus drivers also ignore this one.   What do they think, that the city spent money on paint and time to make the street pretty.  Unbelievable.

Drivers make turns on red lights - a no. no in the city and this is not to mention those who blatantly pass red lights.

I was very glad I was wearing my seat belt.

It's no wonder why NYC is dangerous for pedestrians.

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