Friday, January 25, 2013


It's BJ.  When we went for my afternoon walk Mom said we were going to the pet store for food.  I wagged my tail faster because I always get cookies from the bowl on the counter.   Then it happened! We went to 2nd Avenue, which we always do, and walked up to 65th Street.  Then, we started to cross the street and I realized where we were.  We were heading toward the vet's office.   

That is a NO, NO.  There was no way I was going to walk down that street.  So, even though we were in the middle of crossing the street I dug in and refused to walk.  The more Mom pull me, the more I dug in.  Finally since the light was changing, I loosened up and she pulled me to the sidewalk.  She kept telling me we weren't going to the vet, but I was too scared to listen.

Then, the greatest thing happened,  We crossed the street and started up to 66th.  We weren't going to the vet.  We were really going to the pet store.  A perfect ending.  I got my cookies. 


  1. Oh good BJ I'm so glad you got your treats...Now that I know you're neighborhood I have to recommend you read these books...They're about a dog walker in your neighborhood who talks to the dogs and solves mysteries...They're lots of fun...hope you enjoy them

    1. Thanks. I'll check out the website.