Wednesday, February 6, 2013

BJ is back.  I have the most stupendous (VBP) website to share with everyone.  Mom was talking about us (pawppies) to Becky, the owner of the Diet Center.  (I told you about her wanting to lose weight. More about that later.

Anyway, Becky told her about the Wigglebus.  No, not the group of four guys who call themselves the Wiggles.  This story is about sheepies (Sheep dogs) who go on adventures with the Wigglebus.  Mom's been reading the story to me and I love it.  Sometime I laugh and sometimes when it's sad, my eyes leak.

Mom spoke to Laurel Holland, the author, and she said it was okay for me to share the link.  You have got to check it out.

Let me know what you think.  The music is fun and catchy and I just had to wag my tail in time to it.

Now, Mom's weight - she was bent on losing 10 lbs.  She doesn't need to but there's is no talking to her.  So, she's going to the Diet Center and is on a diet designed for her.  Mom had to actually dust the stove and begin to cook!  Wow.  She knew how to turn on the oven.  I was shocked.  Now maybe she can bake specials cookies for me.  Mom lost 7 lbs. and is in a good mood.


  1. Hi BJ & Lynda! Momz showed me the Wigglebus books and they look so adorable...Momz has promised to read them to me...Thanks for telling us all about them

    1. Both of you will love them and will fall in love with the sheepies. Frankly, I think they should be put on the market. They will sell. Let me now if you enjoy them.

  2. Replies
    1. Well, the sheepies allowed the terriers in it so I guess you can ride in it. Right now it's under about 2 feet of snow.

  3. Woof! Woof! FUN we checked the site. How COOL is that. Being healthy is good ... good luck to your mom. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar