Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Trip Home

Mom had a saga coming home from BlogPaws.  She got on the bus with Tracey and Kevin and two minutes later she realized she left her bag on the table and had to go back.  Then there was track work on the Metro and she had to get off, take a shuttle to another stop.  Time was ticking and she was nervous.  She had to change lines and of course wait for the train. 10 minutes left and you can picture her running around Union Station.

Except for the baby screaming for 3 1/2 hours and the mother and daughter sitting next to her texting with the keystroke sound on, and the guy in back of her didn't need a cell phone for his friend to hear him, the trip was fine.

It was getting home that was a problem, It was raining - try getting a cab in NYC in the rain.  She came home dripping wet because her umbrella was at the bottom of her suitcase.

I was so happy she was home, I did body wiggles. 

She signed up for next year in Vegas.  

Don't you think she should take me.  
Please tell her.


  1. I think traveling with you would be a lot more stress on mom!!

    1. Too bad she's reading this. I think she agrees with you. Plus, she won't put me in the baggage compartment, so if she can't get me certified as a therapy or service dog (DOG! Ha!) she won't take me.

  2. thank goodness you got home safe and sound! I soooooooooo enjoyed meeting you and YES your baby should go to Vegas but that is one long trip!!

    1. I enjoyed meeting you too. I have a feeling that mom thinks so too.

  3. We kinda lost one member of the group in Washington. She missed the flight back to Florida and had to stay one night longer than the rest of us. I don't know if it had been better or worse if we'd brought the doggies, lol. I enjoy your blog!
    =) Maria

    1. I hope your "lost" crew member made it home okay. DC is not the worst place to spend extra time.
      Your first instinct was probably best concerning your pups. i considered bringing BJ and thought it might be too much for him and would have worried about him.
      Thanks for reading my blog.
      I'm still looking, and if I ever find an apartment with a terrace, I will be calling you for a door.