Sunday, May 12, 2013

Who Me?

Hi!  It's me, BJ and I'm back.  It's Mom's fault that I haven't written anything in a while.  I wanted to use pictures like everyone else and couldn't  Her camera wasn't working so she used her new smartphone.  Fine.  The pictures were good.  She just didn't know how to transfer the pictures from the phone to her MAC.   You would think she would know since worked as a techie.

Anyway, I got blamed.  Mom gave me a wonderful Bear stuffed animal because I love to hug it and carry it from room to room.  I pretend it's another dog and pull it and pounce on it and chew it.  Which is what I did after our morning walk.  Mom walked into the bedroom and ...
Who did that?

Now Bear has less stuffing.  Mom won't sew him up 
again and he may have to go to Bear Heaven.  Then
I'll have no stuffed animal.  

I said I was sorry, (even though I didn't admit what
really happened).  Shouldn't I get another chance?
Who did that?  I looked around and had no one to blame.  Lynda just said that she couldn't keep putting the stuffing back into Bear.  And then this is what happened in the living room.  Who did that?
The same thing happened again.

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