Monday, June 24, 2013

Dogs for Therapy

We all know that therapy dogs give comfort to the sick and to people in trauma from disasters.  Recent studies have found that dogs have a calming effect for prisoners.  Dogs get forever homes because people want a dog for companionship.

I'm a therapy dog and had visited a nursing home.  People petted me, talked to me and smiled.  I have done that job for a while.  Today i became a therapy dog for Mom.  She came home from shopping and was frustrated and angry.  She parked on the good side of the street (in NYC we have alternate side of the street parking).  When she came out of the store an SUV was doubled parked blocking her.  She blew the horn and no one came out.  She called 311 to get the car ticketed and towed.  That was a waste of time.  They couldn't help.  She tried to get a towing company to come and tow the SUV; they couldn't come quickly enough.

Finally the owner came after more than an hour and wasn't even apologetic.  In fact Mom said he said too bad.

My  Loving Look
I was rushed into service.  Mom finally sat down and I jumped on her lap and cuddled.  It took a while but Mom calmed down and started patting me and smiling.



  1. That must have been horribly frustrating to mom. I'm glad she had you to help soothe her.

    1. See, all my training to go to the nursing home was good. I got to use it to make Mom comforted.

      Hus and licks, BJ Pup

  2. Replies
    1. Mom gave me a cookie for making her feel better.

      Hugs and licks, BJ Pup