Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Good News for BJ

Yesterday I know I said I would go the vet because of my panting.  And I really was going to be good about it, but when we came to 2nd Ave and started to turn the corner on 65th Street, my reaction just kicked in.  I dug in my paws and wouldn't move.  Mom started to pick me up and I knew I lost.  So, when we got near the vets entrance I ran really fast past his door.  Mom let me go a few feet making me think I had won and then reeled me in.  You can't win.

Mom put me on the table and I moved around and squirmed so it was hard for Dr. Cotter to examine me.  I also made noises and whined so much that it was hard for him to listen to my heart and lungs, etc.  I only snapped at him twice.  And then licked his hand.  All he wanted to do was feel for lumps or whatever else and I didn't get any shots or blood work; I was just not happy.

Anyway he said there didn't seem to be anything wrong with me.  I was certainly energetic and didn't have any other signs that something was wrong.  He asked Mom about:

  • panting in the middle of the night
  • not being able to lie down and put his head down
  • excessive drinking
  • exhaustion
  • weight lose
  • blue gums
  • showing signs of pain 
  • diarrhea 
  • lethargy 
She answered no to all of them.  She told him that she keeps the a/c on in the hot weather because  electricity costs less than his visits.  He laughed.  But it's true.
I'm resting with Bear.

Dr. Cotter said that with none of those symptoms he didn't think we needed to take x-rays or blood tests.  He told Mom to watch me for any further distress and then bring me back.  (NOT)

Mom did the research and she'll take it from here.

BJ was not a good patient today surprisingly because the vet didn't do anything to him.  Hopefully we won't have to go back until he needs his shots.

In the meantime, I found out a lot about possible problems with excessive panting.  And thought I'd share it.  The following could be causes, some more serious than others.

  • Obesity - panting happens in people too
  • Hear failure or other heart problems
  • Pain
  • Cushings Disease 
  • Heat stroke - DO NOT leave your dog in a car in the hot weather.  Temperatures heat up quickly in a car even if you have the window cracked a little.   It goes for a very hot room too.
  • Exercise that makes the dog hot and causes difficulty in breathing
  • Anemia - that's why he asked about the blue gums
  • High fever = it can indicate an infection
  • Heartworms
  • Poisoning
  • An object stuck in his airway
  • Other injuries
These can all be very serious and that's why you should always check with your vet.  It's too dangerous to self diagnose.  Not catching a problem can have disastrous effects.

My information was culled from a number of veterinarian  websites.  i did not rely on the general public offering their thoughts.

Some sites I consulted:


  1. great tips, so happy that nothing seems to be wrong but the BEST advice of all is exactly what you said...don't rely on the Internet...GO TO THE VET!

    1. Thanks. It's so hard not to do research because it's so easy.

  2. So what did the vet attribute his panting to?

  3. He thought it could be due to the changing weather and the storms. He said the barometric pressure can cause distress in dogs which results in panting.

    When we get thunder and storms, BJ does shake and pant. I didn't realize that just the severe weather changes without the thunder could cause it.

  4. First, I'm glad that the vet didn't see any sign of serious illness. But his thoughts about weather sound about right.

    BTW, some people say that dogs who feel distress when storms come in do well in the bath tub. Apparently, the static electricity in the air feels odd to them (and given their covered in fur, it makes sense). But sitting in a cast iron tub can cut down on the static and make a dog more comfortable.

    Is BJ likely to sit in a nice cool tub? Heck, on a really hot day, you might want to join him.

    1. I didn't know about the static. Sounds right. As for the tub - no so sure. He doesn't like baths and doesn't like going into the tub. I will try it. If he notices it helps him, he may be okay with it.

      Thanks for the tip.

  5. SO glad to hear the good news. Can totally relate as I had same issues weeks ago. Weather definitely is the issue (especially with the odd/changes we are having). Make sure BJ drinks a lots of water too. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

    1. Thanks. How do I get him to drink more water?