Saturday, July 27, 2013

Beijing - This is Outrageous

Beijing has a local law that bans BIG & VICIOUS dogs.  The law bans 41 breeds from the city limits.  It also limits their height - it cannot be more than 14".  That means my 20 lb. sweet BJ Pup would be banned.  He's 15" tall.

According to the article the law has been in effect since 1994 and is only now being enforced.  The government claims that the number of people who died from being bitten by a rabid dog was 13, more than double the year before.

With more that 1 million dogs in Beijing, most are not vaccinated for rabies.  So, rather than enforce or create the vaccination laws, they are banning the dogs.

Here's the full article.   Beijing Bans Big & Vicious Dogs

Big & Vicious Dogs Banned


  1. The people of China have such weird attitudes toward their dogs.

  2. I've been hearing for years that pet dogs are becoming more common in China. Unfortunately, since it's not a democracy, people don't have many ways to fight an unjust law.

    It's possible that if this story gets enough international attention, China will feel pressured to start a rabies vaccination program instead of taking all the resources to hunt down and kill dogs.

    1. Social Media should enable the situation to get attention.

      I've posted this to my FB page. I'm fairly new to the blogging world so I don't know how to get this out there to the "world". If you could help, that would be wonderful.

  3. Oh er. does that mean that Freya Rose blossom wouldn't be able to go into the city................ she is bigger than the average Cavalier... Hum....does that mean that Sugar and everyone else who are such softies could visit ???? Hum....... x x x

    1. Unless you can train the dogs to walk on their elbows and crouch, so they're over 14", they can't come into Beijing.

      Mom has to start training me. Or we can just not go to Beijing. But we still need to have the public put pressure on the local government to require rabbis shots.

      Hugs and Licks, BJ Pup