Monday, July 29, 2013

Black & White Sunday

I don't really play with dog toys unless food is involved. I like big stuffies. Today we were in Bed, Bath & Beyond browsing. I was sitting nicely in the cart set aside for dogs.  They put a mat on the bottom so my nails don't get caught in the openings.

We ended up in the pet section and mom checked out the stuff.  She spotted a food puzzle and bought it for me.  YEAH.   Seek a Treat shows how smart I am because I have to figure out how to get the treats.  Mom puts treats in the cups and a disk slides over the cups to hide the treats.  It's like Three Card Monty only legal.  I must figure out which disk to move to get my treat.  A snap.

According to the box it challenges me and provides mental stimulation and rewards me for being smart.  I had no problem figuring it out.  I found the first two rows and walked away leaving the others because I didn't like the treats mom put in the cups.  She got it and put in better treats and I slid the disks and got my treats.  It's true I was rewarded for being smart.

i love this puzzle.  I play with the disks and I get treats.  How great is that!

My New Food Puzzle


  1. Now that's news to me! I never knew doggies were even allowed in Bed, Bath & Beyond. I have never seen one there!
    Barks and licks and love,

    1. Dogs may not be allowed in all of them
      The one on E 61st & 2nd used to let the dogs walk around the store. There must have been some incident because now they have specially marked carts for pets and they have the mat for the bottom.

      BJ loves it because he can look around and people always talk to him.

  2. We're jealous that your BB&B allows dogs even though we don't like shopping.

    It makes sense to be more pet friendly in the city so people can combine their errands with walkies.

    BTW, looks like BJ might need a more complicated puzzle. He's too smart to take long to work that one out. :)

    1. You're right. Do you have any suggestions? What do your dogs like?

      My next door neighbor's dog will get yet another item or food. I'm not sure if I can return it because we did use it.