Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Dreaded Bath

Mom saw a post from her Facebook friend Beth.  She posted a picture of Gizmo her terrier during his bath.  He looked cute but it reminded mom that I needed a bath.  So I got brushed and a bath.  I don't like the water, i don't like the soap, I don't like the cream rinse even though it make me smell very nice. And I had to suffer the indignity of wearing a bathrobe.

I shook off the hood
It's a turtle on my back.


  1. Just when dogs get those nice gamy smells, the human pounces with soap and they have to start all over.

    1. Yup. Mom does that all the time. At least this time she bathed me and I didn't have to go to a groomer.

  2. oh but you sure look awfully cute!

    1. Thank you. Beauty takes a lot of work and suffering. Mom worked; i suffered.

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