Friday, August 30, 2013

There are a lot of things the we still need to do before we can say we have nothing else to do.  Sorry to say I'm not very helpful.  I get tired watching her do stuff.  When she needs to put things away after a project, Lynda's not efficient.  Instead of taking a few things at time, she takes one thing.  Then she goes back forth from room to room.  She can't be alone, so I follow her.  It's tiring.
I need a nap.

Mom wanted me to help and take stuff into the other room.  I only carry my toys from place to place. But carry her things, nuh uh.  Besides, she never taught me to do that.

It got me to thinking what other things I don't do that other dogs do.

I don't fetch because I get bored.
I don't swim because I don't like water.
I don't rollover because I'm afraid to be on my back.
I don't always come when I'm called.  I used to.
I don't always walk next to her on our walks.

There are things that I do that's good:
I cuddle especially when it's thundering.
I beg nicely for cookies.
I bark when people come to the door if she's home. (To protect her.)
I love her.

Lynda is taking over to write about what she would have done differently.

I would have been more diligent in his training and kept up with it.
I would have taught him:
  to walk without pulling
  to not snap at other dogs
  to fetch
  to know that I should have been better at housebreaking him
  to have continued with his agility classes

I'm sure there are many more things, I just can't think of them and get depressed looking at those I mentioned.

Although not an excuse, BJ is the first dog of my own.

What are some of the things that you would do differently?


  1. There is something to be said about teaching a dog to be independent.

    1. True. But sometimes I like it when BJ comes running to me and cuddling when there is a thunderstorm.

  2. don't beat yourself about the tugging and snapping at other dogs. Dakota does the same and I think that many dogs do!
    I am like you though, I have a Sheltie who SHOULD be in agility and shame on me for not having him there!

  3. So many dogs snap at other dogs and pull on leashes. Delilah does both. Sampson pulls on leashes. Part of the American society is we expect dogs to behave a certain way that they never were intended to in the first place. Relax, I'm sure he's just fine.

    1. Mostly the owners of the other dog get mad. That's the only thing I would have liked to have done a better job in training. Other wise he is a fabulous dog. He's13 1/2 so you're right, I'll justt relax. Thanks