Monday, October 7, 2013

In July, on a Wordless Wednesday, I wrote about a friend of mine who adopted an adult dog from Animal Care and Control, a kill shelter.  Max was on the "list" and was saved.  He was a difficult dog with issues and behavior problems.  MaryAnne was willing to try work with him and improve his behavior.

He was very nice in the house except for his severe separation anxiety.  She couldn't leave the house because he barked non-stop.  She had to have her dog walker stay in the house when she needed to go out.  MaryAnne hired a trainer to work with his dog aggression.

Next to me on the sofa.

He seemed to be getting better until the other day when a child came close.  Had MaryAnne not pulled Max away he would have bitten him.  He also attacked his dog walker, whom he liked.   After consulting with her vet, she decided to help Max over the Rainbow Bridge.  Max's aggression toward people and dogs was unpredictable and he couldn't be trusted to be with anyone.

It was heartbreaking for her.  This is her third dog in recent years that has gone to the Rainbow Bridge.  She adopts senior dogs and ones with medical issues and spends money trying to heal  them.  It was sad for me too.  Max was sweet when he was in the house and had come to trust you.  He sat on my lap and let me pet him.

Unfortunately, not all dogs can be saved.  The ACC should have never allowed him to be adopted.


  1. That is sad. Truth is that many animals surrendered at shelters have behavioral or medical issues. I know that no-kill is a goal to aspire to, but if after all your friend does this dog still had such behavioral issues, it sounds like the most humane thing she could have done for him. And it's a shame that wasn't discovered before the dog was adopted out.

  2. Thank you for not blaming her for helping him over the RB. He couldn't have been very happy because he was so fearful of everything. No matter what happened to him before, at least he had someone who cared about him for a few months.

  3. This is a sad story, but all too common. Not all dogs can be rehabilitated and humans who try and fail should not feel guilty about it.

  4. Very sad for poor Max and for MaryAnne, too. I agree with you. He had a few good months with someone who really cared about him.

  5. She tried very hard to change his behavior.