Wednesday, June 3, 2015

BlogPaws Experience 2015

I knew it was a while since I posted, I just didn't realize it was that long ago.
BlogPaws inspired mom and she's back on track.  I'm letting mom post this time because she didn't take me.  It was the third year that she left me home.
I'm very unhappy
It's not fair.  There were about 70 dogs, cats, and other pets in Nashville and I was home with Taisha my dog sitter.  I'm 15 1/2 and won't have too many more chances to go.

BP 2015 was in Nashville and the third conference.  It was exciting to realize that I would meet new people and catch  up with people from before.  I made up my mind that this year I was going to push through my shyness and meet more people.   What happened after posting and "corresponding" on Facebook I feel as though I really know them.  It's a way of connecting with people I otherwise would never have met.

Carma dressed for the Red Carpet
I had many more FB friends in the pet community this year and it was easier to begin to talk to them or the dogs and cats.  I walked into the Sheraton I saw Carma Poodale, a  beautiful white standard poodle that was a FB friend.  Carma is so sweet and takes good care of her mommy.  Bunny introduced me to an amazing group of her friends and I felt more comfortable being at BlogPaws.  From then on I laughed and had fun with a new group of friends.

A funny thing to mention, but it was the first conference I've attended that I don't need a down coat.  Hallelujah.

I'll talk more about BlogPaws and post pictures tomorrow rather than have this be a four-page post. 

I'm late with this post because it took me two days to get home and one day to catch up on sleep. - another time.


  1. Oh you attended :-) BP is always a great conference to meet blog friends. We had to cancel but did you see Flat Sugar. Golden Woofs

  2. I had a great time. Who had Flat Sugar? I didn't see her. How is she doing? I heard it would have been a little much for this time. Hugs and licks.

  3. Wow, it has been a long time since you posted. Glad to see you back. Sorry your mom didn't take you to BP. Do you think it might have been a little exhausting for you?

    1. Mom did say that she thought at 15 1/2 I might find it too hectic. But if she had a stroller for me I could have been out of the crowd. Any way its' too late for this year and she did bring home a lot if goodies for me and I've sampled a lot. If I'm still here maybe she'll take me next year.

  4. Hi there, sounds like you had a great time! We are glad!

  5. Thanks. I just caught the typo in the title.