Friday, June 19, 2015

LG Customer Service - YUK

Mom uses her SmartPhone to take pictures of me all the time.  Even when I try to hide.  She was using the Galaxy S3 until her provider changed networks and she needed a new phone.  The company gave her the brand new LG Leon and she had to learn how to use the features.

There in started the saga with the LG Leon Phone Customer Service (or lack thereof).

Mom got the new LG Leon phone.  After four days when the phone didn’t turn on, she began an online LiveChat with Eunice.  For 10 minutes Eunice repeatedly said to press the on/off button and ultimately said to go back to the store to exchange it.  Mom would have removed the battery and put it back, but the back was so stiff she couldn’t remove it.  Eunice never even suggested it. 

The sales rep removed the battery, put it back, and voila, the screen came alive.  It took less than 20 seconds.  Eunice didn’t know to do that.

The manual gave no information on its features so it was back to LG LiveChat to learn how to choose multiple photos from the Gallery and upload them to DropBox all at once.  Eunice was back. Mom did everything she suggested and the phone uploaded all 900+ photos to Dropbox which overloaded the allotment.  One more thing the Eunice didn’t know how to do.  Eunice kept sayng to press icons when there weren’t any, to expect screens to appear when they didn’t, press on choices that were not offered, etc. so you get the gist.  She finally admitted she couldn’t help and said to call the c/s number.

This time it was a young man,  It was about a 1/2 hour, he put mom on hold to find out an answer; and did no better than Eunice.  Mom played with it and figured it out.  The order of what was needed was not the what he said.  

Customer service is only as good as the person who's talking to you.

The bottom line, LG has terrible customer service and would be better off with a kid as c/s.

                                                 She's back to taking pictures.


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