Monday, June 29, 2015

Pet Buggies (Strollers)

When I walked the streets with mom, I would see doggies sitting in a buggy and being wheeled around.  I thought it looked silly.  The dogs didn't seem to mind.

I got older and so much for my thinking something was silly.  I guess I'm slowing down at 15 1/2 and mom doesn't want me to have to give up going to the park or taking me with her when she goes on long walks.  

Central Park

The weather is now nice enough to go to Central Park and before 9 AM I can run (err, walk) around without a leash.

That's where there's a problem.  We're almost a mile to the park, then I run (or walk) around, and then a mile home.
I get really tired and mom has to carry me for a bit.
I'm a perfect weight but too heavy for her to carry me for long.  That's when she got it into her head that I needed a buggy.

Do you have any idea how many dog buggies and strollers are on the market?  Hundreds.
With so many choices it takes time to research and then choose.  She also checked with friends.
She search for weeks she decided on the Pet Gear Jogger Stroller because of the features.  And the colors.  We got hunter green.  I look good in green. 

Me unpacking

The box came and mom was soooooo slow.  I had to speed things up and helped unpack.

The front wheel makes it easy to maneuver; the air wheels make it easy to wheel in the grass and over broken streets in NYC. The no-zip feature is great for me - it's easy and quick to close the top. 

I like to stand.  I get taller.

Top Down

The netting is darker than she would have liked.  It protects me from sun, but I can't see out so well.

It's also heavy to lift.

If you rely on C/S buy from a different company. There's only email. It took days to get the size when closed. I have a very small car and the closed stroller size was important. It doesn't fit. It should be in the Specs.

Disclaimer:  I was not compensated for this review.  The views in this blog are my own from my experience.  


  1. Enjoy your wheels! You've earned them at your age!

  2. You're riding in style and looking good in green.

  3. Hey, that's neat. That is a rather long walk for an older dog, just too and from the park. We're glad we canines are still able to walk but we're getting up in years too.

    1. I'm generally in good shape except I slipped down three steps about two weeks ago and hurt my right front leg.

      Mom loves me so she bought me a stroller so I would still get to go to the park.

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