Tuesday, December 31, 2013

To Dog With Love Gift Exchange

We're participating in the Pet Blogger's Gift Exchange, hosted by Something Wagging This Way Comes and I Still Want More Puppies.   We were paired with another blogger, to get to know them, and share encouragement and compliments so that other bloggers could get to know them too.  We were paired with To Dog With Love.  It was fun to learn about Rocco and Cosmo.

The inspiration for To Dog with Love was Cosmo, a cute little black and white  Havanese, who lost his life to cancer just a year ago.  The blog was created by Diana Silver to share information and tips on pet related topics including: traveling with your pet, making your home pet friendly, and to talk about the “fluffier side of life.”

Just four weeks before Cosmo left us, a Havanese pup named Rocco joined the family.  Cosmo had just enough time to teach him the ropes of playing and all things dog.  Diane travels lot and because as an adult Rocco will be about 13 pounds, a perfect weight to be able to join her in the cabin and a far better cry than being in cargo. Yuk! When not traveling he and Diane live in Atlanta, GA.

Rocco a few months old

To Dog With Love has now become a blog about Rocco and celebrating all pets.  The blog offers useful pet-related information including tips for training, fitness, travel, and creating a pet-friendly home.  And, product giveaways. Diane and @RoccoHavanese also support animal-related causes. In memory of Cosmo, who lost his battle with canine cancer at age 10, Diane and Rocco raise awareness for pet cancer and general pet welfare causes.

Rocco Taco

Just in case you dress your pet in Halloween costumes, Rocco posed in a few to give you an idea of how they look.  I loved this one:

One of the fun posts let’s us know the most popular pet names of the year.  Roccos didn’t make the Top 10.  Neither did BJ, his partner in the gift exchange.  It doesn’t really matter.  In fact, it makes our dogs unique.

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