Friday, November 23, 2012

It's Bj.  I want to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving.

I'm a very grateful dog.  I was found on the streets of NYC and good people brought me to the Humane Society.  I was checked out, given my shots (yuk), and put up for adoption.  It wasn't too many days before Lynda came along and I adopted her.

I am a very happy dog.

We all need to take a step back and realize how much we have.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

It's BJ.  If I knew that a slight change in what I do and how I did it would lead Lynda taking me to the vet I would have been more careful.  I'm almost 13, so yes I am slowing down a little and I sleep a little more.  Apparently that was what caused this unwanted visit.  It was that when Lynda touched me on certain spots, like my thigh, it was sensitive and I snapped at her.  I almost bit her.  Then sometimes I was afraid to jump up on my window perch and missed the bed when I jumped for it.  So, we went to the vet.  I tried to dig my paws in and refuse to walk down his block.  It didn't work.

I mushed the pillow to make it comfortable.
Dr. Cotter looked at me, gave me regular, probed me, shined a light in my eyes which I did not like,  and gave me shot.  I whined and made noises and stood up and hugged mommy.  Finally, it was over and mom took me off the table.  The verdict:  I'm a perfect weight, my joints may be inflamed, and my back may hurt.  The terrible thing is I can't tell mom what hurts; I just react when she touches me where it hurts.

I got a great treat when we got home, and I get my pill in my food so I don't have to swallow it.  I hope the pills work.  I can't tell yet.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Well, we made it through Hurricane Sandy and the nor'easter.  Luckily we weren't affected by either.    We didn't get much rain during the hurricane and Lynda took me out when it wasn't raining.  It was very windy and my block is a wind tunnel, need I say more.  I'm sure I looked very funny trying to walk forward with the wind pushing me back.  I'm only 20 lbs. and the winds were 30-40 miles p/h.  Once we turned the corner I was fine.

I love my pillow.
I actually prefer being in the house curled up on my club chair or snuggling against Lynda.  Last night it was sleeting, windy, and cold.  i was not happy.  She pulled me through the door and over to the fire hydrant.  I did what I did and then pulled to go back.  I lost that fight and we went to the corner.  Then I pulled to go back home.  It wasn't worth the cookie i got when we came in.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Chapter II  - I Came Home

I'm BJ, a dog that went from being homeless on the streets of NYC, to a cage at the Humane Society of NY, to a cozy home in the most expensive zip code in the country.  How great is that?

I'm in my bed with my teddy bear.
Even though being adopted made me so excited and meant I got out of my cage and go home,    I was scared when I came home with Lynda and stood under the dining room table.  I was afraid to sit in case I needed to make a fast getaway.  She went very slowly with me so I wouldn't run and hide.  Even though I had to sleep in a crate it was okay because it was right next to her bed and I could see her all the time.

In no time I was sitting at her feet instead of standing, or sitting on her lap.  I followed her around for company.  It felt so good to have someone hug and kiss me, and scratch my ears.  I was so happy and I could tell Lynda was happy too.  She was smiling more, playing ball with me, petting me all the time, and taking me out a lot.  That is what heaven must feel like.

Little did I know what she would to go through for her not to have to send me back to the HS.  That's Chapter III.