Saturday, March 31, 2012

On Saturday I knew something was wrong as I watched Sam, my friend's dog walk slowly toward the car.  Sam always pulls toward me when he sees me and snuggles in for pats.  That day he didn't.  On my  11 PM dog walk Susan told me that Sam died two hours after they arrived at the vet.  It's unbelievable as to how fast health changes.  Last month he got a clean bill of health.  This month, he died.

Sometimes serendipity comes into play.  They needed time to grieve and yet the house seemed empty without a cold nose snuggling.  Sooooo, Petfinder called.  Long story short - they found an 8-week old puppy that was rescued from a "kill shelter".  He's a Golden mix and has no name yet.  The family is now complete.

Let's wish them luck and happiness.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

The weather in NYC is unbelievably warm.  BJ will need his summer hair cut soon and to think I had him groomed two weeks ago.  This is beginning to be expensive.

When I first adopted him, er, he adopted me, I bought the shaver and groomed him.  It's 11 1/2 years later and I'm 11 1/2 years older.  He's 15" tall and too big to put in the sink, and I'm getting too old to put him in the bathtub and bend over to bathe him.

Like it or not I have to leave him at the groomer.  The whine and the look in his eyes as they him to the back is heart wrenching.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

We need rain in order for Central Park to bloom.  Right now the Park is awash in yellow with the daffodils in full bloom.  The white flowers are blooming along the steps.  (It was cloudy when I took pictures.)

The rain is good for the flowers, and the dogs love it.  They're dogs and think rolling around in the mud is the best thing since white bread.  Their owners don't think it's great.  We're the ones who have to clean them up before they're allowed in the house.
Take a look at this pup.  She is an 8 month old Tibetan Terrier, although you can't tell from the picture.  What do you think?

Friday, March 16, 2012

BJ doesn't like his snowsuit,
The rain is something that does not make BJ (Benjamin Jacob) happy.  He likes snow; he hates rain.  As far as I'm concerned, when I walk him, both are a pain.  By the time I get him out of his raincoat or snowsuit and dry him off and then get me out of my boots, my coat, etc., I'm exhausted.  The worse part of that weather is that I can't take him to Central Park because of the mud.  That leads to needing to exercise him in the apartment or playing fetch in the hallway.  I'm very happy the weather is going to be nice for a while.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Besides the wonderful weather, the other beautiful site this morning was the vast number of dogs running around Central Park.  (They can go off leash before 9AM.)  I have never seen so many dogs running around having a great time.  

With warm weather comes the fresh small of earth which my dog thinks is meant for him to eat.  I'm not sure which is worse, his eating the dirt or eating the tissues or napkins on the sidewalks.  One way or the other, at least he drops the tissues when I tell him to.  You would think that he didn't get premium food and treats.

Aren't dogs wonderful?

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The pictures of the devastation from the tornados in Alabama and Indiana left me with the feeling of hopelessness.  If I felt that way from the pictures, the homeowners must have left an emptiness seeing everything they owned gone.

That was until I saw this picture of a older man madly hugging his dog while tears steamed down his cheek.  The dog had miraculously survived his collapsed house.  Out of all of the heartache a dog's survival was what gave people a hopeful miracle.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Welcome to Two Ears and a Tail on a Dog

Aren't dogs wonderful?   I adopted a 7-month old (or he adopted me) 11 1/2 years ago.  He is soft, loves to cuddle, and give kisses.

When I think about how he came into my life it makes me sad and happy at the same time.
On a hot August day I wandered into the Humane Society of New York City on East 59th Street.  Well, if you've ever gone to a shelter, you know that the animal chooses you.  All I did was stop at a cage of a smallish dog, jumping up and down and wagging his tail.  I was chosen.  Luckily I stopped in front of a cage of a small dog.  We played for a few minutes and we both knew he was coming home.

The Sad -
part was that he was found on the streets of NYC wandering around.  The person helping with adoptions felt that he was put out because he was VERY high energy.  He is a terrier mix.  How could people do that?  Why not just bring him to a shelter?  It makes me very upset.  I hug him tighter whenever i think about it.

The Happy -
is that I've had the joy of having a wonderful, warm and cuddly mixed terrier dog.  His picture doesn't do him justice.  He's 15" tall, 20 lbs, and his coloring reminds me of a Creamsicle - vanilla and orange.  (I know I'm dating myself, but I loved creamsicles.)

Why not share your stories.  Have a wonderful day.