Saturday, February 16, 2013

Why can't i eat more often?  Mom feeds me breakfast at around 8:30 or when we get home from the park.  I get dinner at 6.   I start using all of my wiles at around 4 to get my dinner.  I use my big brown pleading eyes.  I talk to her - she pretends not to understand.  If she's on her laptop, I push the screen with my nose.  I start gently tapping her with my paw.  Boy, nothing seems to work.

She just keeps telling me I can't eat at 4 or 5 because I'll be hungry later.  So what if I eat at 4 and then again at 7 or so.  I'm in fine shape and a perfect weight.  She snacks so why can't I.  Oh, I forgot to mention I get cookies during the day.

I just bugged her so much now she gave in and gave me most of my dinner at 4:30.  Boy, what's a dog to do?

Thursday, February 14, 2013

It's BJ.  In my last post I mentioned mom having my DNA analyzed and forgot to tell you what it said.  The results were weird.  They give you the dominant breeds and the percentage in you and they give a write up of the characteristics of the breeds.

Now, take a look at me.  I'm 15" tall, 20 lbs,, and my coloring is cream and apricot.  The report said I am equal parts Bichon Frise, Cairn Terrier, and Chesapeake Bay Retriever.  (Ha)

I can see the Bichon: my face, my curly hair on my head.
Bichon Frise
Cairn Terrier

I can see the Carin: my coloring, and my terrier personality.
Chesapeake Bay Retriever

But a Chesapeake Bay Retriever.  They are big, tall, short haired dogs,

Okay, so somewhere in my gene pool is a taller dog because I am taller than a Bichon and Carin.  But come on, I can't be 33% CBR.  My bone structure is not that big and strong, the texture of my hair is soft and fluffy (when I'm brushed out).  I have a sweet little face and not at all like the retriever.  PLUS, I don't like swimming.  I would never go near water voluntarily.

Frankly, I think I'm part Bichon and part jack Russell.  And, Sweetness personified (VBP).  Mom agrees.

Hi, it's BJ.
I'm beginning to think that we dogs are being exploited (VBP).  Whenever there is a way to make money people will figure it out.  This is particularly when it comes to dogs (maybe cats).

There's DNA.  When it came down in price, mom had my DNA done.  I didn't care what I was.  I was a happy dog, living in my forever home, eating wonderful food, and getting plenty of attention and love.  But mom was curious so I let her swab my cheek.  More about that at a later time.

There are medical research studies using us and then using the results so pharmaceutical companies can  develop medicine and sell.  Well, okay that's a good thing.  Because of us cures are being found for certain cancers, etc.

Now, some researcher has done a study on the cognitive (VBP) traits of how dogs think.  For a mere $60 you can purchase a toolkit and put your pup through a proscribed activities.  It's called Dognition,   I'm not suggesting you get this.  I'm just telling you about it.  I hope mom  doesn't do this.  We've lived together for 12 1/2 years.  If she doesn't know how I think by now, I'm in deep trouble.

Let me know what you think about this new way of a professor making money from dogs.

By the way, if you watched Westminster, there was no question as to how Banana Joe felt when he  won Best in Show.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

It's me, BJ.  I forgot to mention that the Wigglebus is real and so are the sheepies..  Laurel uses it to transport pup in her rescue work.

They have a Facebook page called Henrys Wigglebus.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

BJ is back.  I have the most stupendous (VBP) website to share with everyone.  Mom was talking about us (pawppies) to Becky, the owner of the Diet Center.  (I told you about her wanting to lose weight. More about that later.

Anyway, Becky told her about the Wigglebus.  No, not the group of four guys who call themselves the Wiggles.  This story is about sheepies (Sheep dogs) who go on adventures with the Wigglebus.  Mom's been reading the story to me and I love it.  Sometime I laugh and sometimes when it's sad, my eyes leak.

Mom spoke to Laurel Holland, the author, and she said it was okay for me to share the link.  You have got to check it out.

Let me know what you think.  The music is fun and catchy and I just had to wag my tail in time to it.

Now, Mom's weight - she was bent on losing 10 lbs.  She doesn't need to but there's is no talking to her.  So, she's going to the Diet Center and is on a diet designed for her.  Mom had to actually dust the stove and begin to cook!  Wow.  She knew how to turn on the oven.  I was shocked.  Now maybe she can bake specials cookies for me.  Mom lost 7 lbs. and is in a good mood.