Friday, March 22, 2013


There was a dog and cat food by the Natura Pet Brands.  
Those brands include:
  • Innova
  • EVO
  • California Natural
  • HealthWise.
There is the possibility of Salmonella.  If you have any of those brands, stop using it and contact the company by going to their website Natura Company or call (800) 224-6123.

Click for the full Press Release.  

Thursday, March 21, 2013


I just received this on FB and Tov's family needs help in finding him.  He needs medication and has been missing for TWO WEEKS.

Help find Tov

Thank you

Sunday, March 17, 2013


Guess Who and Guess What?  Mom won't give me green beer or green tea.  The only thing i get that's green is string beans.  It's not fair!  

And, she didn't get me a green coat.  (I shouldn't complain about that.  I got two new warm coats this year.  One 'cause she loves me and the other 'cause it was my birthday  AND  she loves me.)

It was hailing, raining, and snowing yesterday so we didn't go to the parade and I have no pictures to show you.  Maybe next year.  I hope you all have a great green day.

Licks and Rrruffs, BJ Pup

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Hi, it's BJ.
May 16-18 I may be left with a dog sitter because Mom is going to BlogPaws.  She asked me to ask you if you and/or your moms are going to BlogPaws.

We live in NYC and she's planning on taking the train unless someone would like to carpool.  We have a small car.  Also is anyone taking us.  The hotel allows dogs so I think we should go unless we have to stay in the room all the time.

Let me know if you or someone you know is going.  Mom would love to arrange to meet you.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Hi, it's BJ, Woof.  A few things happened in the last week.

First - I hadn't been out for a drive in a long time so I wondered if Mom remembered she had to pet me.  She remembered.  All I needed to do was move close to her and tap her lightly and she scratched behind my ears and stuff.  She took pictures (when we stopped) with her new Smartphone and now has to figure out how to e-mail it to herself so you can see me.  She still hasn't figured it out, but I felt we needed to write something.

Second - It's too bad that I can't tell Mom when something hurts.  Maybe because I'm 13 and my muscles are getting sore what started to happened is when Mom touched me it hurt and I turned and snapped at her.  i didn't mean to do it.  I just reacted.  I kissed her hand right away to show her I loved her.

She started giving me DGP because it helped my friend.  It didn't help me and I still snapped.  I couldn't help it and felt terrible.  On Friday, we went to holistic vet who does laser treatment and chiropractic adjustments.  I snapped at Dr. Jill (Elliot) and she confirmed that something hurt.  The laser didn't hurt. She just passed it back and forth, changed frequencies and did it again for a long time.  We waited an hour and I had another treatment.  I didn't hurt so much and didn't snap at her.

I feel a little better.  We have another appointment on Friday.  I hope the laser works.  If I let her touch me she said she'll do the chiropractic stuff and that should really help.

Maybe mom will learn how to work her phone and I can show you pictures.