Tuesday, December 31, 2013

To Dog With Love Gift Exchange

We're participating in the Pet Blogger's Gift Exchange, hosted by Something Wagging This Way Comes and I Still Want More Puppies.   We were paired with another blogger, to get to know them, and share encouragement and compliments so that other bloggers could get to know them too.  We were paired with To Dog With Love.  It was fun to learn about Rocco and Cosmo.

The inspiration for To Dog with Love was Cosmo, a cute little black and white  Havanese, who lost his life to cancer just a year ago.  The blog was created by Diana Silver to share information and tips on pet related topics including: traveling with your pet, making your home pet friendly, and to talk about the “fluffier side of life.”

Just four weeks before Cosmo left us, a Havanese pup named Rocco joined the family.  Cosmo had just enough time to teach him the ropes of playing and all things dog.  Diane travels lot and because as an adult Rocco will be about 13 pounds, a perfect weight to be able to join her in the cabin and a far better cry than being in cargo. Yuk! When not traveling he and Diane live in Atlanta, GA.

Rocco a few months old

To Dog With Love has now become a blog about Rocco and celebrating all pets.  The blog offers useful pet-related information including tips for training, fitness, travel, and creating a pet-friendly home.  And, product giveaways. Diane and @RoccoHavanese also support animal-related causes. In memory of Cosmo, who lost his battle with canine cancer at age 10, Diane and Rocco raise awareness for pet cancer and general pet welfare causes.

Rocco Taco

Just in case you dress your pet in Halloween costumes, Rocco posed in a few to give you an idea of how they look.  I loved this one:

One of the fun posts let’s us know the most popular pet names of the year.  Roccos didn’t make the Top 10.  Neither did BJ, his partner in the gift exchange.  It doesn’t really matter.  In fact, it makes our dogs unique.

Visit Rocco and Diane at any of these places:

  • Facebook at  To Dog With Love and Cosmo-Havanese
  • Twitter at  To Dog With Love, Rocco HavaneseCosmo Havanese, and DL Silver
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  • Friday, November 22, 2013

    Yet Another Pet Food Recall

    Diamond Pet Foods is recalling it's dog food because salmonella was found in the food.  The dog food in question was manufactured in the Gaston, S.C. plant. At least five people got sick from handling the food according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  The theory was that they handled the dog food and then handled their own food.

    The brands being recalled are: Country Value, Diamond, Premium Edge, Professional, 4Health and Taste of the Wild brands.  According to Diamond the  use  "best before" dates are December 9, 2012 to April 7, 2013. They were distributed in eastern, southern, central and Midwest states, parts of Canada, but may appear in other states.

    Diamond Naturals (particularly the Lamb & Rice dry food, Chicken Soup for the Pets Lover's Soul Adult Light, and Diamond Puppy Formula were recalled in April 2011 because sampling showed that some of their food tested positive for Salmonella. 

    Check your shelves. 

    I had used Diamond Lamb and Rice Dry food and switched because of a loss of interest by.BJ 

    Wednesday, November 13, 2013

    Pet Food Recall

    Teriyaki Chichen Treats has been recall due to possible salmonella contamination.   The company recalled a number of varieties of chicken treats.   The Bailey's Choice company expanded the recall to include Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Delaware, and Tennessee.
    Recalled Teriyaki Chicken Treats

    The Georgia Department of Agriculture found salmonella in the products during routine testing.  According to a spokesman, the company has repaired a digital thermostat that caused a dehydrator used to maintain proper temperatures to malfunction. 

    Please check your shelves and return these products to the store.

    Monday, November 11, 2013

    Vet Visit

    I'm going to be 14 in January.  And until a few months ago I never snapped at people much less mom.  You may remember that I have been snapping at Mom.  I don't bite her but my teeth are sharp so sometimes I break her skin. Mom decided she'd had enough and made an appointment with a new vet.  He was highly recommended by friends who use him.

    It was scary at a new vet's office, seeing new people.  I was not good.  I wouldn't sit still and tried to snap.  I kept crying and whining.  Finally the tech put a blue fabric mussel on me.  I still made noises and moved around but I couldn't snap at her and she was able to hold me.  Mom petted me, but I still started to shake.  It was terrible.
    Moving around.

    I wouldn't stay still.

    The vet felt around and didn't feel anything abnormal.  The tech took me to back and took my blood.  My blood!  She took my blood!  
    Then she brought me back and removed the mussel.  Mom gave me cookies to appease me.

    The vet said there were a few possibilities.  From the best scenario to the worst:

    • my just not wanting to be bothered;
    • arthritis;
    • a neurological problem or brain tumor. Yikes!
    Once he gets the results of the blood tests, we'll go from there. Probably x-rays, possibly an MRI.  Mom has to call tomorrow for the results.

    It's all very scary.   

    My pain meds.

    In the meantime he gave me Metacam (meloxicm), for pain just in case.

    Wednesday, October 30, 2013

    Wordless Wendesday

    I had to fix the chair pillow.

    I hugged the pillow.
    Then I went to sleep.

    Friday, October 25, 2013

    Best News Yet from the FDA

    There have been so many death of pets from tainted food, that the FDA has FINALLY stepped in and will enforce strict new standards for companies that make pet food and animal food follow good manufacturing practices that include basic issues for sanitation and hazard analysis, etc. 

    If the rules are not followed.

    The new rules are open for 120 days for public comment and then 60 days later it would be adopted as law.  It would apply to all domestic and imported animal food.  The jerky treats  made  in China would have to adhere to stricter requirements.  

    This is where it happens.

    The pity us that at 600 pets died because of tainted food.

    Sunday, October 13, 2013

    Remembering Gotcha Day

    Today someone shared a story on my Facebook page that touched my heart and  I wanted to share it with you.  Get the tissues.  How could you?

    Mom just hugged really hard.  I'll let her tell you why.

    I made her fall for me.
    I read "How could you" to the end through tears and then got up, went to BJ, and hugged him.  Thinking back more than 13 years, I remembered as I walked down the aisle of cages at the Humane Society, how he ran to the front of his cage and jumped up and down when I stopped at his.  He knew he had won my heart in that moment.  How could I resist that pink nose and those penetrating eyes.

    As Bonnie gave me the leash and we started to walk out, she said, "Remember if it doesn't work out..." and I didn't need to hear the rest of the sentence - I knew no matter what, BJ would be with me forever.

    Monday, October 7, 2013

    In July, on a Wordless Wednesday, I wrote about a friend of mine who adopted an adult dog from Animal Care and Control, a kill shelter.  Max was on the "list" and was saved.  He was a difficult dog with issues and behavior problems.  MaryAnne was willing to try work with him and improve his behavior.

    He was very nice in the house except for his severe separation anxiety.  She couldn't leave the house because he barked non-stop.  She had to have her dog walker stay in the house when she needed to go out.  MaryAnne hired a trainer to work with his dog aggression.

    Next to me on the sofa.

    He seemed to be getting better until the other day when a child came close.  Had MaryAnne not pulled Max away he would have bitten him.  He also attacked his dog walker, whom he liked.   After consulting with her vet, she decided to help Max over the Rainbow Bridge.  Max's aggression toward people and dogs was unpredictable and he couldn't be trusted to be with anyone.

    It was heartbreaking for her.  This is her third dog in recent years that has gone to the Rainbow Bridge.  She adopts senior dogs and ones with medical issues and spends money trying to heal  them.  It was sad for me too.  Max was sweet when he was in the house and had come to trust you.  He sat on my lap and let me pet him.

    Unfortunately, not all dogs can be saved.  The ACC should have never allowed him to be adopted.

    Thursday, September 26, 2013

    BJ is of NO Help

    Admittedly BJ knows he can sleep on the bed, but he sometimes takes it too far. 
    Tonight he refused to move when I was putting on fresh linens  He just stood there. 

    The bed is fine this way.

    Then he flopped down and didn't even look at me.

    I'm comfortable.

    I'm not moving.

    After much cajoling, I was finally able to get the sheet on.  The blanket was another thing entirely. You can see how defiant he was and wouldn't let me complete the job.

    No.  Work around me.

    There was a struggle with a little grrrr on his part.  But I did get the blanket pulled up on one side of the bed.

    He got really annoyed and just put his body down and closed his eyes.  I threw the pillow on him hoping he would get up so I could place it where it needed to be.

    Ha!  He ignored that and continued to sleep.

    That's it.  I'm going to sleep.

    Whose house is this anyway?  I'm willing to share.  BJ doesn't think he needs to share.

    What happens in your house?  How do they stake out territory wherever they want?

    Wednesday, September 25, 2013

    Monday, September 23, 2013

    Strawberry Mouth

    I'm beginning to like this smoothie sharing.

    Today we had a strawberry-banana.  When mom put it down, I really didn't like the smell when mom first put it in my dish.

    Not sure of the smell.
    She had to call me back and put it in front of me.  I gave it a try and then lapped it up.

    I decided I liked it.

    Lynda was cautious because she didn't know if it was okay for me to eat strawberries.  She checked three sites from a Google search and found it was okay.  Tomorrow it's blueberries and she needs to check that.

    What's your favorite special "human" treat?

    Sunday, September 22, 2013

    Mango Mouth

    Since mom bought a new blender she's been making smoothies every morning.  This is a feat for someone who dusts her stove and all appliances.  Today she made a tasty mango smoothie.  I know it's not tasty Tuesday, but -

    Slurp, slurp

    1 cup Almond Breeze
    1/2 cup Greek yogurt
    1 banana
    1 whole mango
    5 ice cubes
    Turn on blender and push Smoothie.
    60 sec. later it shuts off and
    Voila, a Mango Smooth

    She couldn't take my staring at her and she finally gave me some!

    Licking my mouth
    You can see my mango mouth.  I loved my (mom's) mango smoothie.
    Mango Mouth

    Maybe mom will share her smoothie tomorrow - it might be: peach, strawberry, blueberry, or a combination.

    Please, please, please.

    Wednesday, September 11, 2013

    Good News About Online Puppy Sales

    The USDA has finally done something about internet sales of puppies.

    We may finally see a curtailing of or an end to the thriving puppy mill business.  Fewer places to sell, fewer puppies needed.
    Taken from the News Release from the USDA.

    USDA Restores Important Check and Balance on Retail Pet Sales to Ensure Health, Humane Treatment
    WASHINGTON, Sept. 10, 2013--The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) has revised the definition of “retail pet store” under the Animal Welfare Act to restore an important check and balance that helps ensure the health and humane treatment of pet animals sold sight unseen.
    The previous definition of “retail pet store” was developed more than 40 years ago, before the Internet provided an alternate method of selling pets to the public.  Some breeders were selling pet animals sight unseen, without providing an opportunity for the buyer to observe the animal prior to purchase, as was intended by the regulation.  APHIS is revising the definition in its regulations to bring animals involved in these transactions under the Animal Welfare Act so that they can be monitored by our Agency for health and humane treatment.

    For the full story, go to: 

    Tuesday, September 10, 2013

    Off the Grid

    We've been off the grid for a few days.  The Jewish Holidays kept us off and then a few things made Lynda busy.

    Mom is mad and may get rid of her Samsung Galaxy s3.  The photo app, Gallery, keeps freezing.  She can take pictures; she just can't see them or move them to the MAC.  She's home tomorrow and will try to get it to work.  If not, it's going somewhere.

    See you soon.

    Monday, September 2, 2013

    What Happens When our Pets are Mischievous?

    On the way home from the park we went to Home Depot and mom bought Loctite Super Glue.  Lynda did NOT buy me cookies. (whimper)


    SHE needed it to fix an important lucite box that I broke.  I tried to tell her it was Harvey's fault.  (Harvey is Jimmy Stewarts' white rabbit.)  She didn't buy it.  She also didn't get mad at me even though the lucite box contained her teddy bear that she had since she was 4 1/2 and her Tiny Tears doll she had since she was 5 1/2.  That was a century ago.  It's an antique.

    Maybe it will be fixed.

    One thing she was upset about was my knocking over a cup of tea; and it spilled all over our new light green chenille chairs.  There was a loud clap of thunder and I got scared and stared to shake.  I ran to mom and jumped up on her lap.

    She did get annoyed and ran to the kitchen for Bounty, blotted the fabric and sat down so I could jump of her lap.  She said tea stains.  But that was it.

    I'm sure there are other things I've done, I just can't remember.

    It got me to thinking about how our humans react and what they do.

    How did your human react and what did s/he do when you borke something and caused other damage?

    Sunday, September 1, 2013

    Black & White Sunday

    A Lazy Black & White Sunday

    Lazy Sunday

       I guess I can only dream about the park.

    My Dream

    Mom woke up too late to take me.

    Now she's watching the US Open.  Andy Murray is winning his match, so is Layton Hewitt.

    WAIT - She picked up my leash!
    I"m outta here.

    I have my own Facebook Page now.
    I love visitors so please visit me.  BJ Pup

    Friday, August 30, 2013

    There are a lot of things the we still need to do before we can say we have nothing else to do.  Sorry to say I'm not very helpful.  I get tired watching her do stuff.  When she needs to put things away after a project, Lynda's not efficient.  Instead of taking a few things at time, she takes one thing.  Then she goes back forth from room to room.  She can't be alone, so I follow her.  It's tiring.
    I need a nap.

    Mom wanted me to help and take stuff into the other room.  I only carry my toys from place to place. But carry her things, nuh uh.  Besides, she never taught me to do that.

    It got me to thinking what other things I don't do that other dogs do.

    I don't fetch because I get bored.
    I don't swim because I don't like water.
    I don't rollover because I'm afraid to be on my back.
    I don't always come when I'm called.  I used to.
    I don't always walk next to her on our walks.

    There are things that I do that's good:
    I cuddle especially when it's thundering.
    I beg nicely for cookies.
    I bark when people come to the door if she's home. (To protect her.)
    I love her.

    Lynda is taking over to write about what she would have done differently.

    I would have been more diligent in his training and kept up with it.
    I would have taught him:
      to walk without pulling
      to not snap at other dogs
      to fetch
      to know that I should have been better at housebreaking him
      to have continued with his agility classes

    I'm sure there are many more things, I just can't think of them and get depressed looking at those I mentioned.

    Although not an excuse, BJ is the first dog of my own.

    What are some of the things that you would do differently?

    Friday, August 23, 2013

    Happy Adopted Day

    Today's the day - BJ's 13-Year ADOPTION Day.   (Actually it was Thursday, I'm late.)
    I love my mom.

     I can't believe that it's been 13 years since I took BJ out of his cage and he and I walked out of the Humane Society into a new beginning for both of us.  The full story is at 
    BJ got fresh chicken along with his regular dinner. He also got a Greenie, his favorite treat and watermelon.  I on the other hand celebrated with wine.

    Friday if it's not raining, we'll have a party with his dog friends in the park.

    Tuesday, August 20, 2013


    Today as mom pulled the shower curtain aside and looked down there i was. I had mushed up the bathmat to create a pillow and was curdled up lying in front to the tub.

    The tile floor was cold so I made myself
     comfortable on the bathmat.
    I looked up when the water stopped to see what was happening.  As soon as mom started to get out of the tub I wanted out.  There is no way I'm hanging around in case she decides to give me a bath.

    Oh, you're finished.

    Then I got to thinking about how much I follow her like a shadow and how much she's alone.

    Think about it.  Where does mom go with out you when you're in the house?

    As soon as she goes into the kitchen, I'm there.  After all what happens if something drops. Who's going to clean it up?  Maybe she'll give me a cookie.

    I'm there on the sofa or chair when she goes into the living room.  And if she steps out, I shift into the spot where she was sitting.  If she's gone too long, well then, I have to look for her.  I can't leave her alone.

    Oops, when she goes into the bathroom, I'm right there.  If she makes a move toward the tub, I scoot outside looking in.

    I mushed up my pillow.
    After my evening walk I know it's time to go to bed.  And there I am cuddled on the pillow on my half of the bed, waiting.

    Falling asleep.

    Since I can see the door to the kitchen from my spot on the bed, I don't always follow her if he goes into the kitchen.  But, if she's gone too long I know something's up and go to her.  Maybe she'll give me a cookie.

    Only once in a while does she almost trip over me because I'm too close and she doesn't know I'm there.

    That's about it for my house.  We only have a 1 bedroom apartment so there is no where else she can go.

    How do you follow your family around?
    Where are they allowed to go without you?

    Hugs and Licks, BJ Pup

    Monday, August 19, 2013

    Adoption Day

    I am a Happy pup.
    Thursday it will be 13 years since I got a furever home.  I was such an excited pup when Lynda came past my cage in the NY Humane Society.  I wagged and wagged my tail and hopped up and down.  As soon as she smiled I knew I was going to have a home.

    On Friday mom is making me a pawty in the park.  She can't on Thursday because we can't go there.

    I'll update everyone as it gets closer to my adoption day.

    Sunday, August 18, 2013

    Black & White Sunday

    Black & White Sunday

    Sniffing is BJ's favorite activity.
    I got to the park!!!
    I'm on this blog hop hosted by: Did What With Your Weiner, My Life in Blog Years andDachshund Nola.

    Friday, August 9, 2013

    Evercare Pet Extra Sticky 60 Layer Roller

    I know I’m not the only dog to sit on the furniture and when I jump off there is  fur on the furniture and then it gets transferred to Mom’s clothing.
    Mom was using a vacuum to remove my hair.  She grumbled as she pulled the vacuum out of the closet and found convenient plug.  It was either too strong or not strong enough.  I ran from the vacuum noise and was glad it didn’t work and scotch tape is a pain.
    Lounging on the Sofa
    Mom was at BlogPaws in May and got an Evercare Pet Extra Sticky 60 Layer Roller  when she stopped by their booth.  

    It was made for pets and was extra sticky so it would remove the pet fur from all fabrics.  Maybe I could stay on the sofa.

    Watching TV on the Sofa

    A few rolls across the fabric and Evercare Pet Extra Sticky Lint Roller easily removed the hair from the towels and using a new sheet, easily removed the hair from the ultra suede and chenille.  Yeah.  i could still sleep on the furniture.
    It Also Works on my Bed
    Mom said it was fast, no effort, not messy and just required ripping one sheet from the roller and a new sheet was ready.  It also removes fur from my bed.   Off too the clothing next.  That too was no problem removing the fur from clothes and sweaters.
    The Evercare product line includes the Veterinarian Pet Lint Roller, Evercare Pet Extra Sticky 60 Layer Roller, Evercare Pet Mega 25 Layer Roller with Extension Handle and Evercare Fur Eraser Agitator.

    Disclaimer: Evercare provided BJ Pup a regular and a Evercare Fur Eraser Agitator to try.  BJ Pup did not receive any monetary compensation for this review.

    Wednesday, August 7, 2013

    Retirement Thoughts

    A friend of mine over at Buttercup Counts Her Blessings had a very thoughtful and thought-provoking post yesterday.  It concerns her fantasy about retirement.  It got me thinking about my retirement and what I have accomplished, or not, and how it has affected my relationship with BJ.

    I retired almost four years ago and didn't know how I would feel with all that time.  I have no idea where the time went or what I did during that time.  I do know that it I felt wonderful.  Retirement was my reward for having worked for so many decades.  

    Not that I haven't done more in retirement than I've mentioned.  I did volunteering at a shelter, have a shredding party with old documents, redecorating my apartment, and other stuff.

    Things I No Longer Need To Do

    I no longer had to set an alarm.
    I no longer felt the stress of going to my job, which in the last two years I no longer liked.
    I no longer experienced the stress related acid reflex.
    Time pressure lessened or is non-exisitent

    The Positive Things I Know Happened

    Mom can't get out.
    I know that it was wonderful:
    Not to have to see BJ's sad face when I was walking out.

    Not to have to move BJ away when he positioned himself in front of the door and wouldn't move.

    Not to have to get BJ when he snuck out and sat in front of the door to the stairs we use to go down. 
    Not to have to hear BJ cry when I left.

    There are days that I have commitments and I'm glad about that.  I have some structure.  

    Most of all, I do not feel guilty about not doing anything except read or play computer games.  It's my life no matter what "friends" say I should be doing.

    Retirement is a reward for having worked for so many decades.

    Friday, August 2, 2013


    This is hard for me to write about because I've been doing something that's upsetting Mom and I feel bad.  I don't know I why it happens, I just do it.  I snap at Mom.  Sometimes even though I know it's Mom, when she goes to pet me I snap at her.  Then I feel bad, so I lick her hand.  This has been happening for a few weeks.   ((Whining) Will Mom have to give me away?)

    I'm too embarrassed.
    I can't look at the camera. 
    The other night she was standing and talking to someone and the person bent down to pet me and I snapped.  I've never done that before this week.  I also seem to be growling more at other dogs in the street.

    We racked our brains to remember if anything happened to cause me to do this and can't figure it out.  We can't remember anything.

    Mom's is taking over the writing:
    I'm don't know what to do about BJ's behavior.  There are times he could be sitting in my lap and I move my hand and he snaps.  He's broken my skin more than once.

    What do you think?
    Do you have any suggestions as to why or what I should do?
    BJ was a rescue, is 13 1/2 and has been with me for 13 years.

    Thank you.  I really need help on this.

    Love, Lynda.  Hugs and Licks, BJ Pup