Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I'm happy to report that BJ is feeling better.  He didn't walk up during the night and his stomach seems to be back to normal.  I'm fairly certain that he reacted to a food I gave him.  He gets Natural Balance canned food mixed with dry food.  I gave him the Venison and Sweet Potato and that's when he got sick.  The Venison may have been too rich.  I threw that out and switched to the Lamb and Sweet Potato.  Now he seems better.

We are both happier.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Growing up I had a miniature poodle.  My mother always said she wanted to come back as a dog in her house.  It got me thinking about BJ living with me.  I know we're both very lucky to have each other; however, the last few nights he was luckier.

For the past few days BJ wasn't feeling well.  He had to got out very frequently including in the middle of the night.  For the last four nights somewhere around 3 or 4 AM, he stood on the bed near me and began to hit my arm.  When I didn't respond quickly enough he pulled the covers off me.  I got the message.  We ran out directly to the fire hydrant in front of the house.  I did walk him to the corner just in case.   I'm  happy it's hot so I just needed to throw on shorts and a shirt.

When we got back, BJ mushed up the chair's pillow, made him self comfortable, and went right to sleep.  I, on the other hand, couldn't fall asleep for a while.

The pillow is a needle point picture of BJ.  My friend did a beautiful job.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Tomorrow is Memorial Day, a day to honor and remember those men and women who have given their lives in US wars.

BJ wants us to not forget that we need to honor and remember the MWDs ( Military Working Dogs) who fought in the wars.  They are trained to detect explosives with their handlers and have saved countless lives because of their work.

Thank you

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

It's been a year since the Joplin tornado and there are some wonderful stories of reunions.  This story is not one of those.  I read this story on the No dog About It Blog and we need to help. Please click on the link, read the story, and get the word out.
If it does retrieve it, do a copy and paste.

Mother's Day was glorious.  The sun shined, the sky was blue, the temperature was perfect, and there was just enough of a breeze to keep the air moving.

Our family got together in Greenwich, CT at my sister and brother-in-law's house.  They have a beautiful backyard with a nice swimming pool, albeit the cover wasn't removed yet..

Take a look at where BJ has never been invited.
He's never had a chance to run around or swim around in the safety of the pool.  Frankly, when I move into an apartment in NY with a terrace, I'm not inviting them.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

It wasn't my fault.  I swear.

I had to have minor out-patient surgery on Thursday and knew I would not be able to take BJ for walks.  There was just no way I could take him for his afternoon and evening walks on Thursday and his morning and afternoon walks on Friday.  Since he loves his dog walker, she picked him up to stay with her.  He would not be in a cage.  He would have a bed (her bed) to sleep on.  He also had a cat to play with.  (He gets along with cats.)  I sent him with his cookies, his toys, and his food.

Okay.  You would think he would be happy to be home and see me.  Not.  Tail wagging he jumped on the bed and gave me a few kisses.  That was it until Sunday.  He wouldn't sit with me.  He wouldn't play fetch with me.  He didn't follow me around.  He was really mad at me and was going to be sure I knew that he did not approve of what I did.

Apologizing - to my dog.  I felt like an idiot asking me to forgive me.  I couldn't promise never to do leave him again because I can't keep that promise.  He finally decided to give it up and you see the look on his face change from a glare to a smile.

I survived.  Until next time.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

I was reading an article in the recent issue of Dog Fancy ( I love that magazine.) about motion sickness.  It brought me back to when BJ was a puppy.  He would get car sick no matter how long or short the trip.  He had all of the symptoms - drooling, panting, throwing up.  Nothing I gave him helped - I didn't feed him a lot, I gave him Flower Bach, I gave him ginger cookies - he loved the cookies they just didn't help.

Something out of the blue helped.  My study group was spending a weekend upstate and BJ was invited.  BJ was sitting in the back between two friends and it within the hour, BJ threw up.  Unfortunately partly on friend.  He drooled and panted the rest of the 1-hour drive and bounded out of the car as soon as the door was opened.

The rest of the weekend he had a fantastic time running around her property and having 12 people to dote on him.  The trip up was the last time he drooled, panted, or threw up in a car ride.  First, he may have been put out of a car and left on the street before going to a shelter.  Second, I think he had such a good time that he thought being in a car is not so bad.

Isn't it great that we project just what we think on our dogs.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I was thinking about my last post and BJ's behavior.  Thought I would add additional info.

BJ is 12; I adopted him when he was about 7 months.  I had a 15-year old cat when he arrived and although they didn't fight they were never buddies.  A bit of jealousy prevailed.  BJ's eating any food in his dish before he would go out could have also been because he was afraid that Max would eat his food. He made sure that he knew where Max was before he would go out. When we came back, BJ would look for him. A short "conversation" ensued.  Interestingly, when Max died, BJ would go around the apartment looking for him.

Over the years BJ has gotten picky and spoiled.  When we come back from the park, he stands at his water bowl and waits until I give him fresh water before he drinks.  Is that considered spoiled?

Sunday, May 6, 2012

My food.
We always think that elephants are the ones that never forget.  If that's the case then BJ must be part elephant.  BJ is a shelter dog.  A Good Samaritan found him on the streets of New York City and brought him to the Humane Society.  No one knows whether he escaped or was put out.  The experience was indelible.  A week later after he was evaluated, I came along and took this high energy mixed terrier to his forever home.  That's the back story.

I don't think he ever forgot that he was no longer in his home, was out on the street, and was hungry and thirsty.  He'll never refuse the opportunity to go out; his tail wags, and he comes right over to have his collar put on.  The not forgetting part comes just before I open the door.  He won't leave until he checks his food dish and eats what ever he left over from the prior meal.  Then he takes lots of laps of water.  Only then does he go out the door.

When BJ does that I get a little sad because I think that he remembers when he was on the streets, hungry. and had to scrounge hungry.  He's afraid of that and to be sure is has has eaten and had water.  

Thursday, May 3, 2012

I'm a dog and I'm smart.  So why do I always get fooled by the same thing?

My favorite thing is getting treats; my least favorite thing is getting a bath followed by getting groomed.  Yet I always fall for the same trick.  My mommy buys this very special treat for me - Grandma Lucy's Meatballs.  She knows this is my favorite so the only time she gives it to is when I'm going to get a bath or while I'm being groomed.  I have to jump into the bath tub in order to get the treat.  I get fooled every time.  I want the treat, so when she goes to THE closet, I run into the bathroom and jump in the tub.  I get the treat; I also get the bath.  That pits something I love against something I hate.   You would think that I would "get it".

To make matters worse, she makes me wear a terry cloth bathrobe with a green turtle on the back.  It's humiliating.  I know I  look cute, but still.  Then again I get another treat, but is it worth it.  Does the treat win over the bath?  I guess it does because I fall (or let myself fall) for it every time.