Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Wordless Wendesday

I had to fix the chair pillow.

I hugged the pillow.
Then I went to sleep.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Best News Yet from the FDA

There have been so many death of pets from tainted food, that the FDA has FINALLY stepped in and will enforce strict new standards for companies that make pet food and animal food follow good manufacturing practices that include basic issues for sanitation and hazard analysis, etc. 

If the rules are not followed.

The new rules are open for 120 days for public comment and then 60 days later it would be adopted as law.  It would apply to all domestic and imported animal food.  The jerky treats  made  in China would have to adhere to stricter requirements.  

This is where it happens.

The pity us that at 600 pets died because of tainted food.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Remembering Gotcha Day

Today someone shared a story on my Facebook page that touched my heart and  I wanted to share it with you.  Get the tissues.  How could you?

Mom just hugged really hard.  I'll let her tell you why.

I made her fall for me.
I read "How could you" to the end through tears and then got up, went to BJ, and hugged him.  Thinking back more than 13 years, I remembered as I walked down the aisle of cages at the Humane Society, how he ran to the front of his cage and jumped up and down when I stopped at his.  He knew he had won my heart in that moment.  How could I resist that pink nose and those penetrating eyes.

As Bonnie gave me the leash and we started to walk out, she said, "Remember if it doesn't work out..." and I didn't need to hear the rest of the sentence - I knew no matter what, BJ would be with me forever.

Monday, October 7, 2013

In July, on a Wordless Wednesday, I wrote about a friend of mine who adopted an adult dog from Animal Care and Control, a kill shelter.  Max was on the "list" and was saved.  He was a difficult dog with issues and behavior problems.  MaryAnne was willing to try work with him and improve his behavior.

He was very nice in the house except for his severe separation anxiety.  She couldn't leave the house because he barked non-stop.  She had to have her dog walker stay in the house when she needed to go out.  MaryAnne hired a trainer to work with his dog aggression.

Next to me on the sofa.

He seemed to be getting better until the other day when a child came close.  Had MaryAnne not pulled Max away he would have bitten him.  He also attacked his dog walker, whom he liked.   After consulting with her vet, she decided to help Max over the Rainbow Bridge.  Max's aggression toward people and dogs was unpredictable and he couldn't be trusted to be with anyone.

It was heartbreaking for her.  This is her third dog in recent years that has gone to the Rainbow Bridge.  She adopts senior dogs and ones with medical issues and spends money trying to heal  them.  It was sad for me too.  Max was sweet when he was in the house and had come to trust you.  He sat on my lap and let me pet him.

Unfortunately, not all dogs can be saved.  The ACC should have never allowed him to be adopted.