Monday, April 23, 2012

It's a shame that dogs can't tell us what hurts.

BJ began coughing on Friday.  He sounded like a fog horn.  At first I thought he had swallowed  something in the street.  He hasn't been in a kennel in at least 8 years and doesn't really get close to the dogs in the park, so I didn't worry about Kennel Cough.  He was still energetic, was eating well, and showed no sign of not feeling well.  I gave him a small amount of Robitussin and then had to call him BJ red whiskers.  (He's not very cooperative at taking liquid medicine.)  It helped a little but he still coughed.

I'm not sure which he dislikes more, taking the medicine or going to the vet.  He had no choice.  He was going to the vet.  BJ knows when we get to the corner of his vet's street.  He digs in with all 20-lbs. and refuses to move.  I had to pull him down the street.

It's too bad that BJ couldn't tell the vet what hurt.  In his case, he has a sore throat and a little congestion.  $86 later and a pill a day for 10 days and he'll be good as new.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I know I'm not supposed to give BJ people food.  I really know that and I don't give him food from the table.  I melt when he follows me to my chair and looks at me with those eyes.  You dog lovers, you know that look.  I don't think I've ever been able to eat a clementine or apple without sharing it with BJ.  As soon as I pick up a one up, he comes running and follows me.   He stares at me until I give him a piece and then has this satisfied look on his face  after he eats it.  I'm glad that a small amount is good for him.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Why is it that when your fire alarm goes off, it is always in the middle of the night. My new landlord put in a combined fire and carbon monoxide alarm.  I had thought I had removed the battery from the original fire alarm.  I guess not.  3 AM and that tell tale LOUD beep rang out.  BJ squeezed himself against me and began to shake so that you could hear his teeth chattering.  I went for the fire/cm alarm first and pulled the battery.  BJ in the mean time was pressing against my legs.  When the alarm sounded again it hit me that it was the other alarm.  BJ continued shaking and crying as I spent time getting the ladder to get to the alarm.
Look at that face.  I felt so sorry for BJ.  I held him and hugged him until he finally stopped shaking.   He does the same thing for thunder and the blasts from the second avenue subway.