Friday, September 21, 2012

Fortunately, Lynda was not near the Towers on September 11 and did not experience the despair that many people felt.  She was feeling despair of a different kind and thought a dog would be good to have.  This is how I came to go from a cage in a shelter to a wonderful loving home and $70 wool turtlenecks.

When I was a puppy and Lynda walked past my cage in the Humane Society, I sensed that she needed a puppy and I was perfect for her.  I adopted her and after the HS checked her references, she took me home.  As we walked out, the staff person told her that I needed to gain 3 to 4 pounds immediately.  Lynda said if someone said that about her, she would make a beeline to Haagen Dazs.  (She's really thin.)  Alas, we didn't go there.  We went to a pet store for food.  I guess I couldn't get everything in one day.

I was only a puppy and yet I knew she was sad and needed comforting.  First, she couldn't stay in the house any more after work because she needed to take me out.  My terrier spirit, cute face, and pink nose had people stopping to pet me and talk.  Soon we joined the 11 PM walk with others on the block.  It was the beginning.  Then we went to Central Park and I ran around and she talked to the other dog owners, We've been doing this ever since.  What fun!

That's me looking at me on a needlepoint pillow a friend made for us.

Look for the next installment and what she had to go though to keep me.


  1. Oh BJ, you're such a insightful fellow! You're momma's one lucky gal.
    Can't wait to read your next chapter!

  2. You're right. Dogs' sensitivities know when you need some comfort and they are there to give it.

  3. Sounds like that human was very fortunate to find you!

  4. Lynda says that I saved her life and changed her life.
    She also gave me a very good forever home and I love her.