Thursday, April 3, 2014

Euthanasia Way Down in NYC

I volunteer with the Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals which celebrated their  10th Anniversary.  The goal is to become a no-kill community by 2015.   Their newsletter announced terrific news about the number of pets euthanized in 2013.
In 2003, 31,701 pets were euthanized.  In 2013 that number was reduced to 6,124.

That means that 25,577 pets were saved in the 10 year initiative.  An 80% reduction.   This was achieved by concerted effort to support spay/neuter programs for stray and feral communities.  That of course reduces the number of strays.  The other initiative was working with the AC&C (Animal Care & Control) to transfer  cats and dogs to adoption shelters.

To read the full story with all of the numbers and math, visit:


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Let's hope that other cities follow New York's lead.


  1. I really think we are on our way to becoming a no kill nation.

  2. I think that's a great idea. But it's going to take a lot of work to make something like that happen down here in the South. For one thing, the conservative governments are not going to allocate the funds or pass the laws necessary to make this happen. And some people still see animals as property, and won't participate. i would, however, like to see an agency move into the rural areas such as around her and help precipitate such a change. I would if only I could afford the pay cut.

  3. I happened to like Bloomberg a my mayor. He ran NYC as a business and did some wonderful things, one of them having created the Mayor's Alliance for Animals. I can only hope that in time other cities take his lead. The South has it own set of problems including guns. But, that's a different post.

  4. that's brilliant!!

  5. This is great news. Cheers for the hard work and effort!