Friday, August 9, 2013

Evercare Pet Extra Sticky 60 Layer Roller

I know I’m not the only dog to sit on the furniture and when I jump off there is  fur on the furniture and then it gets transferred to Mom’s clothing.
Mom was using a vacuum to remove my hair.  She grumbled as she pulled the vacuum out of the closet and found convenient plug.  It was either too strong or not strong enough.  I ran from the vacuum noise and was glad it didn’t work and scotch tape is a pain.
Lounging on the Sofa
Mom was at BlogPaws in May and got an Evercare Pet Extra Sticky 60 Layer Roller  when she stopped by their booth.  

It was made for pets and was extra sticky so it would remove the pet fur from all fabrics.  Maybe I could stay on the sofa.

Watching TV on the Sofa

A few rolls across the fabric and Evercare Pet Extra Sticky Lint Roller easily removed the hair from the towels and using a new sheet, easily removed the hair from the ultra suede and chenille.  Yeah.  i could still sleep on the furniture.
It Also Works on my Bed
Mom said it was fast, no effort, not messy and just required ripping one sheet from the roller and a new sheet was ready.  It also removes fur from my bed.   Off too the clothing next.  That too was no problem removing the fur from clothes and sweaters.
The Evercare product line includes the Veterinarian Pet Lint Roller, Evercare Pet Extra Sticky 60 Layer Roller, Evercare Pet Mega 25 Layer Roller with Extension Handle and Evercare Fur Eraser Agitator.

Disclaimer: Evercare provided BJ Pup a regular and a Evercare Fur Eraser Agitator to try.  BJ Pup did not receive any monetary compensation for this review.


  1. we absolutely LOVE our Evercare roller too! I was going to do a review about it as well but couldn't find any way to contact them other than directly through their site, which I did, but they never replied :( I thought it was the best roller I had ever used

  2. If it works great :-) But I have a feeling roller or no roller mum will luvs you and your dog hair anyway LUVS Freya Rose Blossom X and the cat, now he has more hair than me, he could really do with a roller in his bed. Luvs X