Saturday, July 28, 2012

BJ is 12 1/2 and I know he has selective hearing.  I can call him when we're in the park and he doesn't even look up.  However, when he wants to he hears very well.  To put it mildly, BJ loves cheese.  Any kind of cheese.  Today BJ was sleeping at the far end of the bedroom.  I was sitting in a chair in the furthest part of living room from the bedroom.  All I know is that I started to quietly unwrap the paper  on a Baby Bell and BJ came running.  I barely heard the crinkle.  How did he hear it while sleeping in an another room?

Then he sits at my feet with his big brown eyes pleading with me to share it.  Of course I share it.  I outsmarted him on the second Baby Bell.  I unwrapped it while he was still near me.  And the I waited until he went back to sleep before I ate it.

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  1. OK, I'm laughing out-loud! Caraleigh is the same way ... she may be sound asleep in the linen closet (aka, her office), furthest from the kitchen but immediately I.D.'s the sound of the cheese bag being opened. Gotta love them!