Wednesday, July 11, 2012

People spoil their dogs.  We love them; they give us unconditional love, and want nothing more than to be with us and please us.   So we give them our best.

Increasingly more and more people are treating their dogs like kids.  According to a recent survey by a dog food company, here are some stats:

20% let their dog sleep in their bed at night.
50% have birthday parties and bought presents for their dog.
60+% of women talk to their dog about their problems.

Okay, BJ sleeps on my bed at night.  I don't do the other things.  So I guess I don't spoil BJ.  Unless of course you think that refreshing his water dish and putting ice cubes in it to make it cold is spoiling BJ.  I really can't not do that.  When we come in from his morning walk he stands at his dish looking at me and won't take a drink until I refresh his water and add ice cubes.

Oh, two other things I have to admit to:
   When the weather is around 90 I keep the air conditioning on low when I go out.  The electric bill is far less than a vet bill.
   BJ has a dog bathrobe.  Although I dry him with ShamWows, the terry robe absorbs more water.  I don't always blow dry him.  He hates that more than he hates his bath.


  1. Oh, BJ looks almost ready for a snifter of brandy and his pipe!
    We (well, I) definitely spoil Caraleigh - no birthday parties, but she gets the ice cubes and sleeps on the bed. And yea, I confide in her every day ... in good times and bad.
    Better than a therapist - lol!