Thursday, July 26, 2012

Letters from Angel

Yesterday I posted a short review of Letters from Angel for Amazon and B&N.  I might as well post my full review and pictures of this precious dog.

Letters from Angel
In a heartwarming and sometimes heart wrenching book, Martin Levin, becomes the conduit for a shelter dog named Angel to write her story.  We meet Angel as a nine-year old Golden Retriever/Chow mix with Mr. Levin and his associate Paula standing in front of her cage.  She was excited and scared about going to a new home.
We learn through Angel the trials and tribulations of beginning a new life and importantly her feelings about everything.  We learn how she copes in new situations, actually she shakes when he’s stressed or afraid.  We see how the little things make a difference in her life.  You laugh at her description of fighting with Paula over getting a  bath.  Chalk one up for Paula.  
Angel has the reader laughing on one page, being reflective on the next, and  sad on the next.  She teaches dog owners that the little extras we do for them like putting ice cubes in their water to buying a comfortable bed has an impact.  She plays with your emotions and makes it easy to understand her fears and insecurities as we slowly you learn of her former home and how she ended up at the shelter. 
Although you know the ending from the dedication, “For those who own a dog, love a dog, or have lost a dog,” it doesn’t take away from the empathy you have for Angel and the sympathy you have for Mr. Levin and Paula when the time comes for Angel.  My tears and sobs prevented me from seeing some of the text.  And as I read the last sentence BJ was licking my tears and, like it or not, he, got hugged and hugged and hugged.


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