Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I met author Martin Levin, at Book Expo America and received an advance copy of Letters from Angel.  Angel is a Golden Retriever/Chow mix and Letters from Angel is as "told" to Mr. Levin by Angel.  If you want to read a book that every dog owner can relate to, read it.  Below is the review I wrote for them.
"In a heartwarming and sometimes heart wrenching book, Martin Levin, becomes the conduit for a shelter dog named Angel to write her story.  Although you know the ending from the dedication, “For those who own a dog, love a dog, or have lost a dog,” it doesn’t take away from the empathy you have for Angel and the sympathy you have for Mr. Levin and Paula when the time comes for Angel.  Angel has the reader laughing on one page, being reflective on the next, and sad on the next.  As I read the last sentence my 12 year-old dog was licking my tears and, like it or not, he got hugged and hugged and hugged." - Lynda Fisher, Two Ears and a Tail  


Letters from Angel: A True Story In her Own Words

Letters from Angel: A True Story In her Own Words

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  1. Oh my gosh ... this is definitely going on my "to read 'stat'!" list.
    Sounds much like "A Dog's Purpose", doesn't it?
    Hugs to BJ!