Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th and a Bully Stick

HAPPY 4th.  I got a present.

We couldn't go to the park because it rained again (sigh!).  Instead we went for a long walk and passed Petco's Unleashed store.  Mom felt bad because of the rain, so we went shopping for ME!!!!!!

Our friend was buying bully sticks and I was jumping up and down because I wanted one too.  Mom browsed the ingredients.  (Oh man!) She is so concerned about chemicals and additives that's it's annoying.  Anyway, I when I saw the first sign of an okay, I jumped more and whined.  That usually gets her.

I got my very FIRST bully stick.  :)  It's coiled.  It took almost 13 years, but now I had one.  I couldn't wait to finish our walk and go home.  
I'm Waiting
Open the Door Already

I played with it even before I ate my breakfast.  For safe keeping I put it on my bed.  That's my safe place.  No one can touch it. 
Bear is Allowed to Touch It
Now I know what all of my blog friends are raving about when they talk of bully sticks.  Me, too.  I have a bully stick. (YEA!)  I just have to keep it of the bed and furniture.   


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    1. Yup. Mom wants me to be a happy pup.

      hugs and Licks, BJ Pup