Friday, July 19, 2013

Scorching Heat

This heat has been ripping me off of my long walks and going to the park.  We're more than 1/2 mile to the park and it's too hot for the two of us.  It's too hot for a long walk also.  So I'm getting gypped.

It was almost 100 out and Mom didn't take me for a very long walk this morning.  Plus, she picked me up when we came to a construction site with metal plates on the ground so I wouldn't burn my paws.

I want to go out and have fun.  Mom says it won't be fun if I get over heated or heatstroke.  So now i just to do the next best thing.

Nothing else to do except look out the window.  And sit at the computer.
Other Dogs are Out.

Some dog is peeing in my spot.

We're writing this post.
Oh, and take a nap.
The best.

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