Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I'm happy to report that BJ is feeling better.  He didn't walk up during the night and his stomach seems to be back to normal.  I'm fairly certain that he reacted to a food I gave him.  He gets Natural Balance canned food mixed with dry food.  I gave him the Venison and Sweet Potato and that's when he got sick.  The Venison may have been too rich.  I threw that out and switched to the Lamb and Sweet Potato.  Now he seems better.

We are both happier.


  1. I am glad that BJ has made a good recovery. I think the venison would be too rich for me, too, but the lamb and sweet potato sounds good.

  2. I am so glad BJ is feeling better. It's scary when they get sick. I have decided to completely swear off all companies that were in the pet food recall after my own dogs got sick. I was just reading an update on some of the dogs who died and I can't help but feel lucky that I didn't lose any of my 3.

    (BTW - This is Mel from No Dog About It blog. When I have to sign into Google it makes me show up as Daisy's Mom. Probably because my first blog about Daisy was housed on Blogger.)