Sunday, December 9, 2012

It's BJ.  I don't live in Seattle so why is it raining every day.  I hate the rain.  I don't like getting getting a bath or getting rained on.  Between my shoulder making it a little harder to walk and the rain, the only thing I do is go to the hydrant in front my building, do what I do, and pull to go back inside.  Lynda pulls to go for a walk and I pull to go back inside.  I win!

Hanukkah Semeah.   I got another great treat for the second day.


  1. It will stop always the meantime stay warm & snug and enjoy your Chanukah treat...Happy 3rd night of Chanukah! *snoogles*

  2. Not only is it Monday, it's still raining. What a way to start the week. I'm curled up on the sofa and watching TV.

  3. Hey BJ, Jet here. Hi Miss Lynda.

    Happy last night of Hannukah. Glad you enjoyed treats. Sorry about the rain... here's our rain secret since we have about 6 months of the stuff... (we live in the tropics!) Find a few sweet, soft spots in your house, curl up, preferably with some stuffies, or a chewy or even better... a human... and take a cuddly snooze!